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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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would you trade #14 for Hopkins and pick 34

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Trade down.

Ive noticed all good WRs are typically gone by 14. You can get a Kooper Kupp or a Tyreek Hill late in the draft, but you have to extremely lucky.


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even if we keep #14 you’ll hear that about every successful player that was still on the board at 14. Even if our pick at 14 turns out to be a superstar day 1 as a rookie you‘ll still hear it. Probably for more than twenty years.

If the Pats didn’t trade for Hopkins or Juedy I would be extremely happy with Zay Flowers. I don’t think they will go WR though it’s either a CB or a OT.


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Absolutely not!

Bill needs to do the unthinkable and get a WR though the draft.


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No because I don't want to hear "at 14 we could have had" for the next 20 years.
You will anyway. There are scenarios that save you from this fate but they are vanishingly unlikely.

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Based on the trade value chart, trading down from 14 to 34 is the equivalent of giving up the 36th pick in the draft straight up. That feels too rich for a 31 year old WR who's missed time each of the last two years (granted last year for PED suspension, but I'm not sure that isn't it's own brand of red flag).

I like Hopkins and think he'd be a nice addition here. But if that's the trade, I'd want something else back from them in return as well.

EDIT: For example, if they sent back their 3rd rounder (pick 66), when you washed all the draft capital out it would make Hopkins the equivalent of a pick at the end of the 2nd round (63 or 64). That feels more reasonable to me, though I'm still hesitant to give up a pick as high as 14. Depending on how you feel about Mac Jones, they've done very well picking in the top half of the first round (Seymour, Mayo, Warren, Solder, Mac), they just don't get many chances to do it.


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Article up above indicates Cards are having trouble getting a second plus some additional value.

A first makes no sense at all
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