What Song Are You Listening To Now?

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Nothing right now, the most recent CD was the Wetton/Downs CD from last year which was a prelude to the upcoming Asia re-union.

My most recent aquisition is the new Edenbridge, a very nice hard rock/light metal band with female vocals and excellent melodies.


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Not listening to any music right now, but listened to 3-4 hours worth of Yahoo LaunchCast last night while posting, featuring artists such as B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Charles Ives (performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra), Chick Corea, CCR, Adrian Belew, Gov't Mule, many others. The last CD I listened to was Jimi Hendrix "Live At Woodstock" (complete performance) last night while driving in my car. My most recent CD purchase was the debut recording of Caldera, an obscure Latin Jazz/Fusion/Funk group inspired by Return to Forever and Weather Report. Haven't listened to it yet, and I'm very much looking forward to it, as this is one hot fusion band from the 70s, though it's difficult to find any of their releases.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
"Don't Break My Heart" UB40
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