What I don't like about Cam

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Guys, if you're going to take your time to respond to my post, be it you agree with or you don't with my response or qustion, if you can't reply to a question per your post on my end, don't waste either of our time by taking the time to respond.

What I do see per Cam's tweet or whatever it was, is an egotistical quarterback who is either too dumb to speak for himself or trust the people he pays to make his posts for the world to see (hiring the right marketing people to represent himself).

I never liked Tom Brady because he always won with the Pat's (added the fact that I never like Michigan QB's because they always played my Alma Mater when I went to college games if you've read any of my previous low count threads), but I also respected him (Brady) because he never came across as being so stupid.

After seeing that the Pats are going to play the Chiefs tomorrow night (instead of today as scheduled but changed because Cam tested positive this past Friday morning), I can't help but think that the NFL is doing this for a quick fix for the ratings. After seeing another thread per this topic, at least I'd like to think that some of you would agree with me on that point.
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Is this a parody account? An all time one if so.


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Wow...4 pages in and this is sort of going nowhere. Given that we sort of addressed this in previous threads, I’ll go ahead and close this one.


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Who knows how he contracted COVID, But you would have a hard time finding anything that Newton has done since becoming a Patriot to criticize.

by all accounts, he has worked his ass off, played great and has been a great teammate.
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