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Cynthia Frelund is the analytics bod at NFL Network

“Let me be the first to tell you that a lot of fibs are spread around regarding how teams feel about certain prospects before they're chosen, and a lot of revisionist history is written after ... but two of my most trusted coaching contacts -- who work for teams in different conferences -- both, separately and unprovoked, told me there's a good chance Winovich finishes the 2019 season with the third-most sacks among rookies.”

2019 NFL Draft: Jawaan Taylor among Day 2's top value picks

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It just dawned on me how he got his name. He's a winning sonuva***** that chases down ball carriers. :cool:

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Really like this draft and await the radio sportstalkers tell how they could have had that guy, or the trembling fear of the Rosen trade.. from what I see this draft is about smart, fast and versatile players, on paper all these picks look like "keepers" who will help the Pats on the way to #6.....

Do not understand all the 7th round picks....


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I really like the pick. He more than maybe any Edge player this draft except perhaps guys taken in the top 10 is going to be able to come in and play immediately. As I've said, I don't think he'll every be a star and his ceiling is mostly reached already. However getting a guy you pretty much know can play in this league and contribute as a decent starter at pick 77 is pretty good for sure. The DL was a big spot of need and they addressed it with this pick.


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I see a 7-8 sack guy per year who will apply pressure and set the edge. Very good pick.


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LOVE the pick. He Chases QB. We Winovich :D

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
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LOVE the pick. He Chases QB. We Winovich :D



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Might have to snag this kid’s jersey. Love his attitude. Think he’s our safest pick so far.


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2nd favorite pick behind Harry. Love me some Winovich. Got very lucky he was there at 77, great value pick. Jaylen Ferguson was there too, I think he’s a better pass rusher, but Winovich is a better all around player, very good against the run as well. Love the kid’s motor, AND personality. Just a very likeable and easy to root for. Will give this defense some more swagger.

Played TE in high school, so maybe has some Vrabel in him as well ?

Just a great pick, I see no downside.
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