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I don’t like his personality. He is definitely not a Patriot’s type persona. He’s always a look at me type player, where’s the camera. Just not a fan of that kind of player. And also, since 2015, his MVP season, he’s been pretty crappy. His only 4000 yard season was his rookie season. And even during his MVP season, he pretty much choked in the SB. The following season, Carolina went from 15-1 to 6-10. Not a fan. I’ll be rooting for Stidham to beat him out.

But if healthy, if he beats out Stidham. I guess I’ll be rooting for him. I just don’t think he’s a good QB. 2015 was the last year he was good. 65 TDs and 44 INTs since then. 20 fumbles as well since 2015.

Can he be better than our offense the past two yrs? Can he get 2-3 TDS per game?


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I’ve always been a fan of Cam so I’m in the minority on this one. When he was healthy, his ability to run as a qb made him elite.

I expected the pats to run the ball a lot more this year with Stidham under center. If Cam is under center the threat of him running will really help the rbs. I’m excited to see the creative ways McDaniels can utilize a mobile qb.

If we install an RPO offense like the Ravens....

We got two TEs in the draft...

Would be hilarious if we give the Ravens a taste of their own medicine.


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Who's ready to see the McD version of the Ravens offense?

If Cam is motivated, he's an absolute load to bring down. Pats have a stable of talented backs, questions at wr (though athletic talent and size on paper), and young athletic TEs. Athletic line. They may not have an outside deep guy, but we all know Cam will give Harry a chance to make some ESPN highlight wheels every week, whether because of the pick or completion is the question. He's going to get JE killed. JE has operating his entire career with a guy throwing him to safety. I wouldn't blame him if he asked for a trade.
How many concussions has he had? I don't see him as a running qb


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Cam will have a fire lit under him too. He has something to prove as a former MVP.

Agreed. But if he can't win the job over Stidham..that will say A LOT about Newton.

Right now experience and skill set he is better and if he can't show it in TC...horrible news for his career


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Huh. I guess Belichick's personnel analyses go deeper than gawking at a gif of a single play from one game.


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Brian Hoyer most likely cut now I would think

See I really don't see this UNLESS Newton wins the job. If Newton loses the job I see him asking for his release for a chance to start somewhere else as QBs will go down thus Hoyer knowing the system..stays.

If he wants that next contract..he needs to show it and a full year or even 8 on the bench. Will kill that


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Told you. Told you. Told you.

This was obvious they weren’t handing over the keys to Stidum like that.

This is a very good signing.


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Their punishment for that accidental “illegal” filming (they show the same footage on teams’ websites btw) probably went from an absolutely ridiculous first round pick (due to pressure by the owners) to a 3rd round pick and make a political signing
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