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Welcome to the 53, Jakob Johnson! And remember...

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Sep 12th

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'Welcome to the 53, Jakob Johnson! And remember...'

...that phone is no longer your friend ;)

Hyped Supporter Supporter

I am looking forward to seeing him on the field...I think he might be more of a receiving threat than Develin given what I think is his superior speed.

micronin127 Supporter Supporter
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Are we going to run the wishbone with 2 FBs? Or is Develin dinged up and needs a week?

Would love to see the running game start clicking.


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I liked Johnson in the preseason, will be good to see how he stacks up in game reps.

farn Supporter Supporter

5 OL
2 FB
2 RB

...and then we chuckle as they push the ball downfield.


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mgteich Veteran Supporter
he is our next man up. Few teams have fullbacks. We carry a backup on the Practice Squad. As a bonus, like Develin, Jakob can be an in-line TE, valuable since both LeCosse and Izzo are injured. Also, he plays ST's. Ebner is injured.
All this being said, we are unlikely to use 2 roster spots for fullbacks when Develin is healthy.
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