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Hall of Fame Poster
and there it is. For a whopping 3 yards.

And now these asshats are stuck with a 3rd and 7.


Practice Squad Player
if miami wins it forces the bills to keep winning but oddly the playoff machine gives the bills the conference if chiefs bills and rust belt end up 13-3.... this is odd. i can't root for squish the fish.


Pro Bowl Player
dolphins taking it to the chiefs is no surprise, Flores came up with a game plan with Belichick that frustrates Mahomes


In the Starting Line-Up
You Brady badgers are clowns man absolute clowns. Aikmen literally just told you why that throw was off and it doesn’t matter to y’all just embarrassing.
And mike Evans football IQ is literally 0


In the Starting Line-Up
my theory is that when you get older and your body is more brittle as a qb, you're more cognizant about getting hit. What made brady great is that he was able to focus down field even with pressure. now, when he gets pressure his mind speeds up because getting hit now hurts way more than when you're a younger quarterback.

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