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Patriots Pregame Thread Week 12 pregame: Pats @ NYG

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Dec 3rd

Pregame Discussion ahead of the LIVE game day discussion thread. The actual Game Thread will Open an hour ahead of kickoff.
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I will tune in if Malik, Grier or Zappe play. I have seen enough Jones for the season. I can rake more leaves on Sunday or take the dog for a walk.
Could be THE worse game of the NFL season...
For me Malik for sure. Probably Grier out of curiosity. Zero interest in watching Zappe. I'm almost in the same place with Jones, he is just painful to watch.


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For those watching on TV


sb1 Retired Jersey Club

Looks like we'll have to wait to see Grier and Cunningham.


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I actually see us winning this game
BB is great vs rookie QBs
Bill is only 13-12 against former assistants with him facing Bill O'Brien the most going 5-1.

He's 8-11 against Mangini, McDaniels, Patricia, Crennel and Flores.

1-5 since Brady left.

That's pretty bad.
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