We finally have a coach!

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    After all of our trials and tribulations we finally have a coach. Derek Kellogg was hired as the 21st head coach of the UMass men's basketball program.


    A man with roots in New England, starred for his HS Basketball team in Springfield and starred at UMass where he played for Coach John Calipari. Kellogg spent the last 8 years as an assistant coach with Calipari at Memphis. It is always a good idea to hire a former PG, they have the experience of running their team since high school.

    Now we need to move forward. There is always some nervousness when the coach who brought you to college leaves. Kellogg has met our current team players and we expect all the key players back. He probably will bring in a couple of his own recruits. Don't worry about scholarships some will become available when a few players who didn't get any playing time last year leave. I hope they transfer to a program where they can play on a regular basis. Others will rise to the challenge and we will have some new stars. Looking forward to watching some great bb with you. See you in Amherst! Route 9 or turnpike west from Worcester. Turnpike or route 2 from Boston. Turnpike East from Pittsfield, Route 91 North from Springfield and Hartford :rocker:
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