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Washington new name


In the Starting Line-Up
Washington Coronavirus: I seriously think a Coronavirus would make an awesome helmet logo
Washington SJW
Washington Ghosts (obviously the fans would all dress in sheets)
Washington Bleach: Clorox is NOT the official drink sponsor of the team.
Washington N95

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Washington Gridlockers (I like this one, has a built-in football connection)
Washington Obstructionists
Washington Filibusters
Washington Taxmen
Washington Indigenous Tribesmen


Staff member
Washington Filibusters was my first thought.

They could even have a play on words twice a year when they play the Eagles.

But then Philly Busters would morph into Filly Busters, and the team would soon be right back to another investigation.


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The Insurrectionist's.

A day that will live in infamy.
But what about all the PTSD suffered by Congress?! That's far too cruel a daily reminder. Buffalo Man haunts their dreams.

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In honor of their esteemed owner:
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please give a rousing welcome to YOUR Washington Wankers!"

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Washington Monikers
Washington Namesakers
Washington Politically Correct
Washington Gibbs
Washington District Columbians
Washington DCers
Washington Mostly African-Americans
Washington Washingtonians


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
As some other said, every time I see WFT I see it as WTF

So just call them
The Washington What the F*^#s

Stu Pidassle

Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I think that they should change the name every time a new president gets elected. For example the team could currently be called the Washington Feelers or maybe the Washington Wokes.

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