Walking Dead Season 7 (Spoilers)

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Hey whats going Pats fans! Along with be an obsessed sports geek/Pats fan, Im a crazy WD and GoTs fan, comic and book reader as well. I embrace and love spoilers!

Please do NOT read this thread if you dont want to know what happens. Their filming the finale now and probably finishing up early next week.

Here's everything I know so far for season A


Episode 7.1
Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Abe, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Sasha, Negan, Dwight, Simon (Steven Ogg), other Saviors.
Location: Mostly in the clearing where we last left off. There was also filming with Negan and Rick in the RV over where the burning logs from 6.16 were. One day of filming at Alexandria for a supposed dream sequence.
• We believe Abe and Glenn will both fall victim to Lucille
• Daryl gets taken prisoner by the Saviors
• Negan takes Rick on a mindf##k adventure in the RV
• There’s a rumored dream sequence which will feature the main characters including the Lucille victims. There’s also supposed to be a Gleggie baby in this scene

Episode 7.2
Characters: Daryl, Negan, Dwight, Sherry, Saviors
Location: The majority of the episode takes place at the Sanctuary. There was also filming in different areas around Griffin for a car chase scene
• Seems to focus on the inner-workings of the Sanctuary
• Daryl is tortured as a prisoner. Might make a failed escape attempt.
• Dwight is involved in a chase scene where he and a few other Saviors chase down a rogue savior who has escaped the Sanctuary.

Episode 7.3
Characters: Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel, “Rogers” (Richard), other Kingdom people
Location: The majority of the episode takes place at the Kingdom. There was also some outside filming at an abandoned carwash and apartment complex. They also filmed at the creeptastic house for this episode.
• We meet Ezekiel and Shiva!
• The Kingdom people and Morgan take part in some sort of piggy roundup (pigs can be seen eating walkers in trailer)
• We learn about the Kingdom and check in with Morgan and Carol
• Carol seems to separate from Morgan and the Kingdom and end up at the creeptastic house with the graveyard.

Episode 7.4
Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Aaron, Enid, Father G, Eugene, Negan, Dwight, Spencer, Olivia, Tobin, Judith(?)
Location: Alexandria. There was also some filming outside the walls at a farm location.
• Negan and his crew come knocking at Alexandria for Team Family’s first “offering”
• Negan totes around a captured Daryl, who is wearing a ridiculous prison suit
• Rick is forced to carry around Lucille while Negan and the Saviors take half their ****
• Rosita and Spencer seem to pair off and go outside the walls together. Michonne also goes off on her own for some unknown mission.

Episode 7.5
Characters: Rick, Michonne, Carl, Enid, Maggie, Sasha, Aaron, Jesus, Gregory, Simon (Steven Ogg)
Location: Alexandria and Hilltop. Also some filming with Carl and Enid outside the walls.
• Carl and Enid appear to journey to the Hilltop. Carl was seen driving a car over walkers.
• Maggie and Sasha are shown living at the Hilltop. We assume Maggie recovers.
• Judging by the trailer there is a fire and several walkers infiltrate the Hilltop gate.
• Simon and the Saviors visit the Hilltop for their offering. Carl and Jesus sneak into one of Negan’s trucks.

Episode 7.6
Characters: Tara, Heath, “Jennie” (Sydney Park), “Naomi” (Deborah May)
Location: Woods/River/ Old giftshop/ Jekyll Island?
• This appears to be a bottle episode showing what happened on Tara and Heath’s supply run that started last season
• Tara and Heath appear to get separated when they run into walkers on a bridge
• Tara encounters a small group of women and children who we think have been mostly wiped out by the Saviors
• Tara makes it back to Alexandria. However, Heath does not. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is dead. We just don’t know at this point.

Episode 7.7
Characters: Negan, Carl, Dwight, Sherry, Jesus, Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Father G, Olivia, Judith
Location: Sanctuary, Alexandria, couple of locations outside of the walls
• Since Carl appeared to be filming inside of one of the Saviors’ trucks we feel confident that Carl will get his comic arc with Negan. We believe we’ll see several scenes from issues 104/105 in the comics. We will most likely meet Negan’s wives including Amber and her old boyfriend Mark, who will probably have an unfortunate encounter with an iron.
• Aaron and Rick seem to be on a supply run while Carl sneaks off to the Sanctuary
• Michonne also appears to be on a mission and encounters a mystery woman who we believe is a Savior
• Rosita and Eugene make bullets
• Negan takes Carl back home to Alexandria. Judith was also filming on the day they come back. We speculate that Negan will encounter Judith.

Episode 7.8
Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tara, Rosita, Eugene, Spencer, Father G, Spencer, Negan, Daryl, Maggie, Sasha, Jesus, Gregory, Enid, Carol, Morgan
Location: Alexandria, Hilltop, the Sanctuary, Creeptastic House, the road
• Suspicious activity and a possible death dinner leads us to believe Spencer dies in this episode. We think he will get his famous guts scene from the comics
• There’s some whispers that Olivia might be a goner in this episode too
• Michonne was filming in a car with the unknown woman from episode 7.7
• Judging by photos that came out during episode 7.9, it looks like Aaron’s face got roughed up. We speculate he gets into some kind of altercation in this episode.
• Looks like we will briefly check in with Carol and Morgan at the creeptastic house
• Rick, Michonne, Carl, Tara,and Rosita go to the Hilltop
• Eugene might get captured or leave ASZ in this episode. He is at the Sanctuary by episode 11.
• We think this will be the episode where Daryl finally escapes the Sanctuary. He might receive assistance from Jesus as well as somebody from inside the Sanctuary. We think he will reunite with Rick and Co at the Hilltop.
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Heres a somewhat updated version of the eppy guide from tsdf

Rick - 1,4,5,7,8,9,10,12
Carl - 1,4,5,7,8,9
Michonne - 1,4,5,7,8,9,10,12
Daryl - 1,2,4,7(?),8,9,10
Maggie - 1,5,8,9,13
Glenn - 1
Carol - 1,3,8,9(?),10
Morgan - 1,3,8,9,10
Abe - 1
Sasha - 1,5,8,9,12,13
Eugene - 1,4(?),6,7,8,11,13
Rosita - 1,4,6,7,8,9,10,12,13
Tara - 1,6,8,9,12
Aaron - 1,4,5,7,8,9,10
Negan - 1,2,4,7,8,11,13(?)
Dwight - 1,2,4,7,11
Simon- 1,5,9,13
Jesus - 5,7,8,9,13
Enid -1,4,5,8,9(?),13
Father Gabriel - 1(?)4,7,8,9,10,12
Spencer- 1(?)4,7,8
Olivia - 4,7,8
Eric - 1,4,8,9
Heath - 6
Gregory - 5,8,9,13
Sherry- 2,7
Judith - 1,7,12
Tobin - 4(?),8
Ezekiel - 3,9,10
New characters from casting calls:
"Jennie" - 6
"Naomi" - 6
"Rogers" (Richard) - 3,8,9,10
"Blake" - 3, 9(?),10
"Brion" - 9,12

From tsdf
Yesterday was a busy day of filming at the Gin. There were a lot of characters on set! We heard reported sightings of Rick, Carl, Michonne, Negan, Dwight, Daryl, Aaron, Eric, Enid, Tara, Jesus, and Scott. There were three large trucks that were spotted outside the gates that looked like Negan's trucks. There were also several characters on both guard platforms at the gates. The most interesting sight of the night was Michonne standing on a large crane high above the Brownstones. No idea what she was doing up there so high but it was quite a sight!!

Filming today resumes in Senoia today over on Baggarly Way between Johnston St and Seavy St. They could possibly move over to the Gin afterwards.

This is very exciting bc it looks we're getting 113-114 in the finale which is where All Out War starts after Carl (Skull-face-little ****☺)shoots a piece of Lucille off. Looks like Michonne will take that part being up in the crane? There also will be another Lucille lineup but im guessing it gets broken up by shots and then AOW.

Q&A Episode 7.4 "Service"

1. What is Michonne doing when she runs off on her own?

She has a sniper rifle hidden from everyone else, and is going out there for target practice using walkers.

2. Is anyone angry at Rick? If so, who?

Spencer is angry big time. Eric seems a little upset & asks Rick how he plans on getting them out of this.

3. Do they make graves for Glenn and Abe?

No, Father Gabriel makes a fake one for Maggie.

** Edit: They do dig 2 other empty graves (presumably for Abe and Glenn)

4. Negan shows up at the ASZ gates. Who does he meet first?

Spencer and Rosita were getting ready to leave ASZ to do some scavenging of sorts. Spencer doesn’t recognize Negan which annoys Negan. And after making such a great first impression, Negan thought his reputation would precede him. Expect some graphic novel lines from Negan.

5. Why is Lucille bloody?

Negan kills a single walker with it when he arrives at Alexandria.

6. Does anyone want to fight Negan? Who?

Carl definitely does and goes so far as to threaten Negan.

7. Does anyone die or get hurt? Who?

No, but Negan threatens to kill Olivia, and it comes close to happening.

8. What are Rosita and Spencer doing?

Dwight is there and insists that they go out and find Daryl's bike, which they both do.

9. Are there any conflicts at Alexandria when Negan arrives?

Yes. Carl shoots at one of the Saviors and then, threatens Negan after they insist on taking ALL of their medicine. And, Negan threatens to kill Olivia because 2 guns are missing from the armory that are on her inventory.

10. Why is Daryl there?

Basically just to torture Rick and to demonstrate to him that he has broken Daryl (and yes, Daryl, does appear to be broken or at least is doing a good job pretending to be).


There's a scene where Rick tells Michonne the story about Shane at the end and states that he knows that Judith isn't his, but he loves her anyways.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
From tsdf
Finale filming is popping over at the Gin property (Alexandria). So far we have received reported sightings of Tara, Jesus, Carl, Enid, Aaron, Eric, and Scott (Kenric Green), and possibly Michonne. If you go out today please be respectful and message us with any photos/updates.

Aww Rigan is happening! They miss each other.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
From tsdf
Recap from 10/17 Filming (Episode 14)

East Point - Church St:

- Filming: Ezekiel, Morgan, Carol, "Rogers" (Richard), other Kingdom people

- Ezekiel, Morgan and Kingdom people were filmed walking down the road. It looked like they had guns.

- Morgan was filmed dragging a body. At this time we think he was dragging new Kingdom character Richard.

- Morgan was also filmed fighting a small group of walkers. Serious stick action!

- Carol arrived to set after lunch. At this time we think she might have been filming solo.

Senoia - Luther Bailey Rd:

- No idea what the hell went down. Super blocked. *sad face*

Today they are back at East Point. If you go out today please be respectful and keep us posted!

(Carol is back in gear and looks like her old badass queen ***** Carol in Kingdom gear)

From tsdf
Finale filming is popping over at the Gin property (Alexandria). So far we have received reported sightings of Tara, Jesus, Carl, Enid, Aaron, Eric, and Scott (Kenric Green), and possibly Michonne. If you go out today please be respectful and message us with any photos/updates. Rick, Negan and Dwight also spotted.


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I didn't read the thread because I don't want to know but where did you get the spoilers from?


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Lil update on Tara and Heath. We'll be seeing them in 7.06 and they encounter another group "Garbage Pail Kids" their being refereed as lol. I try and upload some pics but im having a lil trouble with em. Theres a huge garbage made structure that looks like their place.

Yesterday at Jekyll Island Tara, Sydney Park (new character "Jennie"), and another unknown female character were filming. If you remember, Tara was also filming with Sydney during episode 6. We have learned that Sydney's character is a member of a small group of women and children. Tara will encounter them in episode 6, but judging by filming info she has returned to the safezone.
We are wondering if the scenes filmed on Jekyll Island were actually part of episode 6. If they aren't actually shown in ep 6 they could be a flashback sequence that we could see in a future episode (like ep 10). Whatever was filmed does not appear to be part of episode 9.
One of the scenes filmed was described as the following:
"Two actors discover a human corpse half buried within a small tidal pool. Further down the beach another person is found washed ashore alive and is carried to a drier section of the beach. After being revived, the survivor slips away from the rescuers while they are distracted and is seen moving inland past the wrack line."
It appears that Tara is the survivor that washes up on shore and is revived by a new character played by Sydney Park and another mystery female character.
Thanks for the pictures MTJ!!


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By the way, your name is ridiculous. I'm a big fan of it.

Lol Thank you. Over at PP im R+L=Negan but apparently their mods are very thin-skinned and have an affinity for Mike Tomlin so I hope I can fit in here.

All spoilers are 100% (few things always change with editing etc) and from spoiling dead fans (rapid wd fans that literally follow the filming in Atl.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
If anyone is interested in Negans back story here's a great summery from another huge Negan fan. It is a lil slow but epic at the same time!

Here's Negan! (The actual title)

Negan is seen sitting at a camp fire wrapping barbed wire around Lucille, with a sinister look about him.

[Pre-ZA]: Negan is playing ping pong in his garage with 3 high school students, who refer to him as 'coach Negan'. He has some choice words for a kid [Josh] who loses badly against him, like telling the kid that if his own wrist was as weak as Josh's, he would need 3 pictures of his mom to successfully masturbate. Paraphrased.

Josh runs off, and the other two kids leave. Later a woman [supposedly Negan's wife or girlfriend] comes into the garage and says she just got a phone call about an angry parent who says Negan swore at her son. Negan blows it off casually, and then the woman suddenly and mysteriously seems to lose consciousness and fall to the ground, while Negan rushes to her aid.
The woman who collapsed is Negan's wife. No name yet. Panels show him attending her after her collapse and telling a neighbor to call 911. Then panels in the hospital where he's by her bedside and the doctor comes in with bad news. They both hold each other crying afterwards.

Negan going about his life, but looking troubled trying to cope with the news. Him working out on a punching bag. Him coaching what is apparently a basketball team, although unclear if that makes him the basketball coach or if he's simply the PE teacher and is overseeing the gym period in this instance. He helps his wife home. Then we end with him having sex with a woman who is clearly NOT his wife, but he's distracted during it and the woman asks him what's wrong. He tells her his wife has cancer.

The woman Negan was having an affair with flips: "What are you telling me that for? So I'll feel bad for her? So I'll feel guilty? I didn't ask you to be here. I didn't talk you into this. This isn't my fault. Your wife has cancer? F*ck you."

She ends their affair and calls him an a*shole. Negan says, "It took you this long to figure that out?"

Next page shows Negan creeping into bed with his wife. She asks him what's wrong. He says he "ended it". And clearly she knew about the affair because she says, "Now? You wait for THIS to end it?! Why?"

Negan says he doesn't need it. Doesn't want it anymore. He just wants her and for them to be together. Wife says he's not going to have her very long and says, "What's wrong with you? Why would you pick the sick one?"

Next page, Negan pushes his wife in a wheelchair out of the hospital and asks if she wants any f*cking ice cream. LOL

Next panel is a time skip. Negan and wife sit on a park bench. She's feeding pigeons and wears a bandana on her now-bald head (previously, she had long dark hair). Negan is sobbing with his head in his hands. His wife tells him to stop and not cry in public because he's making a scene.

At home, she lies in bed. Negan tries to encourage her, tells her not to be so negative, she's gonna beat the cancer.

Then they're at the hospital. Wife is hooked to all sorts of machines, seems unconscious. Negan has a massive guilt trip: "I need you to know that you are EVERYTHING to me. I'm not perfect... Hell, I'm a f*cking piece of dog sh*t. You deserve so much better. Did I do this to you? Did I f*cking cause this? If I'd been there for you... and not... if I didn't... would you have been strong enough to fight this?"

Last page, doctor bursts into room, says they are evacuating the hospital and the area is not safe. Tries to get Negan to come, but Negan's not leaving his wife. Doctor says she's too sick to move and there's nothing they can do. Doctor gives up and leaves Negan, repeating that it's not safe there and he should save himself.

Negan looks out the hospital window to see a burning car, people running in panic, and walkers shambling around.

Negan is not leaving his sick wife, so he barricades the hospital door. He goes over to her and says he's glad she's asleep during all this and that this should be over when she wakes up. He says this in a voice-breaking manner. Checks her pulse. Cries over her dead body.

The sound of a car crashing into a pole outside draws him back to the window. He stares out the window at walkers trying to force their way into the car to eat the living. As he's wondering what's wrong with them, his wife starts making "guh" noises behind him.

Negan walks over to her bed. We see his wife is now zombified, although Negan has no idea what's going on yet, of course. Her body rolls over and falls onto the floor.

In the final panel, looking confused and frightened, Negan asks, "Lucille?"

Zombie Lucille gurgles on the floor. Negan is confused and in disbelief. "I thought you were... I thought you'd..."

She growls and tries to reach for him in clearly a creepy and non-human manner. Negan looks horrified. He reaches for her. Zombie Lucille grabs his sleeve as he feels her neck for a pulse that isn't there. "That's not... Do you...? It's ME. It's your husband." More zombie growls.

Giant sloppy man tears appear for the second issue in a row as Negan realizes whatever the hell this is, it ISN'T his wife anymore. He cries, tenderly kisses the top of her zombie head, then apologizes as he wipes the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

Next panel shows Negan removing the barricade from the door and stepping into the hallway. It is unclear if he put Zombie Lucille down or is leaving her there as is (feels like the latter).

Last page shows the hospital in chaos. Walkers are trying to get to a black fellow, who has a gurney between himself and them. He spots Negan and calls out for help. Negan looks shocked by the scene.

We open with two walkers trying to attack a teenage boy. Negan runs up and throws them away from the kid. Kid tells him you gotta bust them in their heads or they'll just keep coming. Admits he even saw one shot five times.

A walker pins Negan against the wall. Negan grabs the fire extinguisher that is hanging nearby and proceeds to start playing Whack-a-Mole with it.

The kid thanks Negan for saving him, then asks if he's okay. Negan looks horrified and haunted, saying, "No... I'm not... I just... MURDERED two people... I'm a f*cking murderer." He hangs his head, looking lost and morose.

Kid tells him you can't murder people who are already dead. Says the ones who were attacking him had been dead on the ground before they attacked him, and that Negan did nothing wrong. Negan is confused and asks, "They're dead? So who they were... It's all gone. They're just mindless monsters now."

Kid adds that they're mindless monsters trying to eat people. Been like that for days, all over the news. "Where have you been?"

Negan admits that he's been a little preoccupied. Then, he says, "Down the hall a ways... across from the elevator. There's another one on the floor... next to the bed. Could you handle it for me? I'm... a little beat."

The kid says sure and walks off-panel with the bloody fire extinguisher. Negan sits, back against the wall, covered in splattered blood, head hanging down low, arms resting across his knees. He doesn't move or speak. It's as if you can actually see him switch his emotions off in that moment, because when the kid comes back...

"Was she your wife?"

Negan looks up. "What?"

The kid tells him that it happened to his mom today. She was sick, something wrong with her heart. "I couldn't... y'know... after she was dead either. Figured the woman in there... she was your wife."

Negan stands up and takes back the fire extinguisher from the kid, saying, "Listen, kid. We're ALL having a sh*tty f*cking day. Let's get the f*ck out of here."

And Negan walks away, his eyes closed and a hardened expression on his face, while the kid looks after him, seeming unsure.
The kid marches out of the hospital at a fast pace. Negan chases after him, telling him to "slow the f*ck down".

Kid insists that he's gotta get home because it's not safe to be out anymore. Negan asks how far his house is. "Probably not gonna be the easiest f*cking trip to make on foot. I mean, I don't mean to be telling you your business."

Kid asks if Negan would drive him.

Negan gets a pouty look on his face. "Yeah. Why the f*ck you think I stopped you? You f*cking stupid or something?"

Kid replies, "You're not very nice."

"I traded in nice for funny a long time ago," says Negan. "You'd be surprised how much better it works. Nice is boring. Nice has never led to f*cking in the history of anything, ever. Funny f*cks all day and night. You're old enough to know that life is just a constant hunt for any path that leads to f*cking. Our body wants us to make babies... but we try not to think about that part. It's gross. You're what... fifteen?"

Kid replies that he's thirteen.

"Close enough."

Kid asks Negan if he's okay. "Your wife just died, and you're acting weird."

Negan closes his eyes. "I'm... I'm fine." But the forlorn expression on his face clearly screams that he is anything but fine.

He starts leading the kid to his car in the hospital parking garage and continues with The Philosophy of Negan. Asks if the kid is a virgin. Kid says he doesn't know.

"I don't know is a yes," Negan replies. "And good for you. Take your time. Make it special... make it count. Honestly... push it off as long as you can. It's kinda like that whale who ate that guy's leg and just wouldn't leave him alone after that. Is that how the story went? Once you get a taste of human leg, you'll go to the ends of the earth to get more... and by human leg, I mean sex."

The kid smiles, looking like maybe he's chuckling from Negan's antics. Negan smiles, looking pleased with himself. "That got you. Good." He was clearly trying to cheer the kid up and make him laugh despite their rather grim situation. Not sure if that was Funny Negan or Coach Negan - or maybe both - shining through.

Kid admits, "There is this girl... my neighbor. I was thinking... if I could find her... protect her from all this, keep her safe... maybe then she'd like me."

Negan laughs. "Now you're talking. I like your style, kid. You're all right."

But the scene has gone well and undisturbed for too long, apparently. Last page, a walker appears from literally nowhere and tackles the kid before Negan can even react. There are sounds of biting and growling. Negan's face darkens. "F*ck."

This is 7/12 so far, so we really haven't covered a lot of ground imo. I guess we can have some time jumps, hoping to find out how he came to power, who he met first, how the Lucille'n came to be etc.

Also this person who writes the summaries suggested that "The Saviors" might be the name of the High School he taught at? I thought that was pretty sweet.

We start with some scene montages of Negan driving away from the hospital alone, then appearing to board up windows on a brick building (not sure if that's his house or the school he coached at or what), then we see him walking along on a road with a backpack looking for all the world Then we see him siphoning gas from a car and getting caught in the act. A voice from behind says, "Maybe that's our gas you're taking."

Negan turns around, sporting some glorious manbeard scruff, and proceeds to completely trip over his tongue. "Maybe you'll be taking my beating in return. I mean, I'll give you a beating, not that you'll be... that was supposed to sound ****ing clever and it... Let me start over. I haven't spoken out loud in a few weeks."

As he talks, we see the group: four dudes with backpacks, with the central dude holding a baseball bat. Future Lucille? Methinks.

One of the group demands that Negan hand over the gas can. Negan informs them that this isn't happening. He found a car a few blocks down the road, that had run out of gas with the keys still in it. He reasons to them that if they take his gas, they still don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to find "his" car. And unless any of them know how to hot wire a car...

Next panel, he says all five of them will fit fine in the car and to follow him. He also compliments "nice bat". Heh.

Next page, the car is on the side of the road with smoke coming up from an open hood. The four are walking away from Negan, who tries to explain, "It was an honest mistake. I thought it was just out of gas. I know **** all about cars!"

Another panel later, we see three of the group looking at a map. Negan approaches the baseball bat guy and proclaims, "Put your hands in front of your tummies. I don't want the raging hard-ons this news is about to give you to cause any gut punches. Paul, looks like you could use a good hard-on. Don't let them go to waste at your age! Follow me. I found a place with clean beds."

Another panel later, our group is taking shelter under the roof of a gas station as rain pours down. They are talking about their losses in this Zombie Apocalypse and ask Negan if he's lost anyone. To which Negan replies, "Me? Nah. I was always a bit of a loner. So no... not really. NOPE."

Next panel, the group is sitting around a roaring campfire eating some type of roasted animal... that, apparently, Negan had shot. One of them praises him, saying they couldn't believe he nailed that shot from across the parking lot. Negan replies, "I've never fired a gun in my life. Feels like I've got a 10-foot dick made out of giant dicks that ejaculate dicks. Seriously. Guns are the ****."

Next page is a wiiiiide angle bird's-eye-view shot of the campfire scene, where we can see walkers approaching from the shadows while Negan babbles on in his usual manner. "Overcompensation? Sports cars and guns... all for guys with little dicks, right? HORSE ****. My dick fires warm, pearly snot wads... This phallic majesty ejaculates hot ****ing DEATH into whatever I point it at. How can ANY dick compare to that?"

And in the last panel, we see Negan's bearded, oblivious face with five walkers closing in from behind him. "What? Too much dick talk?"

The walkers that had been creeping up from the shadows last issue descend and chaos ensues. Negan struggles with trying to fire his rifle close range and yells about them not warning him that they were being surrounded. Too little, too late as the walkers kill everyone else in the party.

Bearded, Season 5 Rick Grimes-esque grizzly man Negan ends up retrieving the baseball bat the other guy had. Looking incredibly reminiscent to the silhouette panels of when he kills Glenn in Issue #100, Negan takes out the walkers with the future Lucille. When the danger is gone, he drops the bat to the ground and starts to walk away. Negan pauses, looks back over his shoulder to the weapon, and thinks for a moment.

Last page shows him picking the bloody, gory bat back up off the ground and holding it in a pose that looks almost exactly like when he first met Rick's group and asked which
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- Baby Judith is back ! I’m always happy to see her, even for a few moment.
- There will be a head cut in half.
- Michonne has a secret from Rick. But he might suspect something’s up.
- Father Gabriel will introduce himself to the Saviors in a creepy way.
- There will be some very exciting scenes outside of Alexandria, in the woods. Damn, they’re so good now at eliminating walkers, but it’s always fun and disgusting to watch. I miss some terrific walker actions this season.
- A gunfire will be shot within Alexandria’s walls.
- Daryl's bike will be mentioned.
- Rick will make a strong and surprising confession.
- Someone will threaten Negan ! That has not proven to be a good idea so far…
- Enid will be back, but she won't share a scene with Carl.
- If you have missed Rick with his enormous beard, you’ll be pleased as you’ll get to see it back this Sunday.
- Lucille won't be held only by Negan.
- Daryl will be seen but not heard.
- There will be another intense and thrilling face off between Rick and Negan. Negan always makes powerful speeches.
- Rosita will prove just how resourceful she can be.
- Glenn and Abraham’s names will be mentioned once and that scene will be very powerful and heartbreaking.
- A deer will be a collateral damage.
- Father Gabriel will demonstrate how much of a changed man he is now, since he’s friend with Rick and has found his way. I’m even surprised to like him now.

1- "I’m gonna try"
2- "This is not our lives"
3- "Not everyone’s here"
4- "Say yes"
5- "Please"
6- "Figured you were coming"
7- "I have faith in you"
8- "This is our lives now"
9- "You die"
10- "That’s not you anymore"


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"Tara and Heath are running into serious trouble. A mysterious new group is introduced." Synopsis for 6?

I really cant wait for 6. It was actually my fav part of the trailer. They'll encounter the garbage pail kids and their leader "Brion"? Theres also some camps/forts in the woods that we'll see.

Eppy 7.05 is called "Go Getters". We'll see the Hilltop and this where Carl and Jesus sneak into one of Negan’s trucks.


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Btw Laura is the name of the girl Dwight was doing shots with in "the cell". And Arat was the girl on the walkie talkie telling Dwight/Negan about Gordon running away.

I think shes the girls below. Also thats Emmitt Carson. His bro is at the Hilltop 14963325_736229853198822_8962795013682014906_n.jpg


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PatsFans.com Supporter
This episode is 85 mins in total. ****in commercials are a killer if you dont dvr which i suspect everyone will do while the Pats are on.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Anyone that read the comics knows we're probably getting an epic scene where "Holly" drives a semi through the Sanctuary.
Obviously Holly isnt alive in the show. I think Tara or Sasha will take that arc. Most likely Tara bc of how close she was with Glenn, Abe and Denise.

Id say Tara 70%, Sasha 20% or Ro 10%.

It wont happen this season but would be a great way to kick off next season as a nice lil remix of arcs/characters.


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TV Geek

I just slid my dick down your throat, and you thanked me for it — Negan to Rick
If you’re a comic-book reader, you’ll recognize this quote as one of many Negan used during his first visit to Alexandria following the famous Lucille scene. This occurred in issue #103 of the comics, and if you’re an avid fan of the source material, you’ll be very happy to know the writers didn’t change much here — which includes Jeffrey Dean-Morgan getting to spill this very famous line in this week’s episode.

In Sunday’s “Service,” we get an extra 25 minutes in the episode, and as you will see, that time is actually needed. This is the first time we’ve visited Alexandria since last season, and we get to see each character’s reaction to Negan’s “brand new beginning” and being under the rule of the Saviors. Negan had promised he’d be at Alexandria in a week, but just to rattle Rick (Andrew Lincoln), he arrives early, and to rattle everyone even more, he has Daryl (Norman Reedus) in tow to serve as his “assistant” in loading stuff on the trucks. If you thought last week’s episode was painful to watch with Daryl being tortured, just you wait. Obviously Rick is shocked to see Daryl and tries to talk to him, but Daryl says nothing and only looks at the ground. Whether it’s simply an act, we can’t be sure, but regardless, it’s depressing to see Daryl so submissive and broken down.

Also, while you may have been a tad bit sympathetic towards Dwight (Austin Amelio) after learning some of his backstory, all of that will immediately go out the window because the prick really shows his ass this week. He forces Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Spencer (Austin Nichols) to go and retrieve Daryl’s bike but not before making passes at Rosita and basically taking everything from her, including her trademark cap. And, that’s not the worse for the poor girl. Aside from Dwight’s disgusting overtures, she also has to endure sexual advances from Negan as well, and by the end of the episode she honestly looks like she’s about to vomit.

The good news is while most of the Alexandrians — especially Rick — are compliant with Negan, 2 characters are MVP’s and really rise up to the occasion. One is Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). This character started out as one of the most hated, but I can guarantee you will love him by the end of this episode. Negan asks about Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and is planning on taking her back with him (probably to be one of his wives. And, yes, I know — WTF?!). Fortunately, we learn that Gabe is very good at thinking on his feet, because he comes up with an idea that pretty much throws a wrench into Negan’s plan.

Finally, how many of you forgot about Eugene’s scheme for making bullets? Yeah, I kind of did too, but fortunately for Alexandria, one particular character hasn’t. Negan and the Saviors are successful in taking every last gun in the Armory (even a pretty cool sniper rifle that Michonne had hidden), but with a stroke of luck, a single handgun is overlooked. So, with that gun in one hand and a shell casing in another, the character visits Eugene in the middle of the night, and so is the beginning of when Alexandria decides to fight back.

All in all, another fantastic episode and while some may classify it as “slow” because there’s not many action sequences, it is one dense hour of television. Lots of character development, and it’s very interesting (and sad) to watch our 2 strongest characters, Rick and Daryl, being quiet with their heads hung, looking so defeated, and everyone else standing tall and wanting to do something. Of course, I have no doubt that things will eventually turn around, but for the time being and as Spencer said himself, “this is our life now.”


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PatsFans.com Supporter
amc's schedule is showing episode 6 as 71 minutes. We'll have to see if that changes as we get closer to the episode.


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From tsdf
This week begins the final week of filming! They should be at Alexandria again today and will probably be there most of the week. (On Wednesday they should also be back at Baggarly Way). We have heard that the last day will be Thursday. However, others have heard the last day will be Wednesday. We'll keep our eyes on it!

Finale filming has been very exciting so far! Pretty much all of the main characters have been on set. The Saviors have made their way back to Alexandria and it looks like they aren't alone. Last week there were reports of dump trucks and several characters dressed in dark clothes. They appear to be our Garbage Pail Kids group (new junkyard group). There was also an unbelievable amount of gunfire heard last week. **** is going down for sure!!!


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I don't want spoil too much in advance but i hope they speed it up some. I hope they reach comic 113 by the end of the entire season and 126 by the end of the next half season as i don't think between 115-126 can be stretched out too much as it is so action based and after 127 can easily be stretched out more.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
There ending this year with 113/114. All Out War start of next season.

And please dont be afraid to talk openly here. Thats what its all about.