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Update: 5-year old girl involved in Britt Reid accident awakens from coma

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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
I am curious of why he is still allowed to drive. Is that the norm in these cases? The judge obviously has some discretion because he ordered that Britt now has to blow into some kind of breathalyzer to drive but how much authority does the judge have? Could he have revoked his driving privileges pre conviction?

Serious questions. I know that you are good in this arena. Curious of what you think.
Judges have some discretion, but that discretion isn't absolute. And bail is not set up as a punishment, but as an inducement to insure a return to the courts as required. Missouri actually have an overhaul in this not all that long ago.

Judge’s Must First Consider Non-Monetary and Least Restrictive Conditions​

The most prominent aspect of the new bond regime is that, in general, once a suspect is arrested and confined, judges have an explicit 48-hour deadline to set bond at an initial appearance, whether in-person or on video. In that bond setting, a judge must first consider imposing conditions of release that are non-monetary and as unrestrictive as possible in order to secure the defendant’s appearance at trial or protect the community or victim.

Missouri’s New Rules for Setting Bond Take Effect – Law Office of Adam Woody


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True, but he has been indicted and while he is "presumed innocent" from the facts available ( police report, BAC) a reasonable person can make the presumption that a crime was committed ( DWI) that resulted in severe bodily injury to a young girl and that he was likely responsible...I'll let a jury decide if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt but the evidence seems pretty strong.
I doubt this gets to a jury. Just because he pled not guilty now doesn't mean he won't make a deal in the future.

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Ken, My take is the man should get 5-10 years. If the medical results claimed by the parents and their doctors are verifed to be true then absolutely throw the book at him. Its not like this is some 18 year old dumb kid that just made the biggest mistake of his young life. This was a grown adult with a history of hurting himself and his family with his addiction. Now it finally transcended outside of his family circle and crippled someone elses life. Leniency? Ask yourself if it was your kid how that 5 year program sounds?

Yes the jail system needs reform, especially for the young criminals which make mistakes early in life that stop them from ever doing anything with their life because they become unhireable. It seems doing the time for the crime and the clean slate to join society afterwards is becoming obsolete. However, in Reids case I would say this doesn’t apply. He’s had every rehab available to him and has either failed or refused to use it and its discraceful.

And btw, if he wasn’t Andy Reids son he’d be long gone by now. Privilege is a b- tch sometimes. Hope his players see it for what it is. If they didn’t play football r-e-a-l good they’d of been released too.


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I don't know how anyone can advocate or anything less than 20 years. He is a multi time f*ckup whose actions resulted in a little girl being able to walk or talk and now eats with a feeding tube. All this boo hoo poor him he has an addiction (I know I know it's a disease!!) goes out the window when his weakness brings permanent harm to a child. I hope he does 20 years minimum and I hope the family is able to find a way to hold Reid and the Chiefs financially responsible.


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I agree that this POS should do time. Serious time. However, I advise people not to get their hopes up that he will. I would be surprised if he spent anything more than a year behind bars when all is said and done, and even that I wouldn't bank on. (Please note he may be sentenced to more than that amount, but oftentimes the original sentence is not what the person actually serves)

Let us hope the officers on scene, and those who subsequently ran the BAC tests, dotted all their i's and crossed all their t's.


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If I ran/owned the Chiefs, I would preempt any legal maneuverings against me by reaching out to the family (i.e. the family's lawyer) and make a multi-multi-million dollar "donation" in exchange for them stating that we (the team) have been cooperative, generous, and are not at fault.
I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day because I f’ing nailed that one.

November 19, 2021
Over the last several months, representatives of the
Kansas City Chiefs, Ariel Young and Ariel's family
have worked together, alongside medical experts,
to develop a plan to take care of Ariel - both now,
and for the rest of her life.
The Chiefs and Ariel's attorney, Tom Porto,
announce today that the parties have finalized a
comprehensive care plan that provides Ariel with
world-class medical care and long-term financial
Ariel's recovery is a long road, but she has made
great strides and continues to improve every day.
Earlier this fall, she attended her first day of school.