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Tomorrow night is for 1st place in the AFC

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It’s almost time to set this cow out to the pasture. Just a troll and a delusional one at that. Doesn’t really bring anything to the table football discussion wise and no matter what the outcome he comes back spewing green poo with excuses.

This thread here was started with the false assumption that the Bills were gonna win and now that it hasn’t happened and his team blows yet another one today its just more excuses. Please close the thread and lets move on to Indy.

Yep, it's entered petulant child territory now. But the 'ignore user' is still the preferable way, IMHO.


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This thread is nothing compared to the Passing the Torche thread started by that KC fan from Chefs Planetoid.
Of course, that's when Tommy was still loved around these parts. That troll would probably be welcomed now.