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Today in Patriots History Thread

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jmt57, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. jmt57

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    Aug 13, 2005
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    Today in Patriots History
    The guy who replaced Leon Gray
    and other January 13 birthdays

    Happy 65th birthday to Dwight Wheeler
    Born January 13, 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee
    Patriot OT, 1978-1983; uniform #62
    Pats 4th round (102nd overall) selection of the 1978 draft, from Tennessee State

    Dwight 'Wimpy" Wheeler had the unenviable task of replacing the great Leon Gray in 1979. Billy Sullivan held a grudge against Gray for a prior contract holdout, and in the 1979 offseason traded the 27 year old All Pro to Houston for a bag of money and a couple of draft picks. Gray continued to perform at an elite level with the Oilers, while the Patriot run blocking and pass protection regressed without him on the line.

    Wheeler spent three seasons as the Patriot starting left tackle (1979-81), and three more as a backup lineman. He played in 72 games for New England with 40 starts.

    Happy 57th birthday to Rico Corsetti
    Born January 13, 1963 in Newton, Massachusetts
    Patriot LB, 1987; uniform #93

    Enrico Corsetti is a local guy who was able to play for the team he grew up rooting for. He went to Belmont Hill High School and Bates College in Maine, then was able to play two of the replacement player games during the player strike in 1987.

    Happy 58th birthday to Eric Stokes
    Born January 13, 1962 in Derby, Connecticut
    Patriot center, 1987; uniform #78

    Like Corsetti, Stokes was another local who had an opportunity to join the Patriots as a replacement player; he is credited with one start. Stokes was originally a sixth round draft pick by the Bengals in 1985, out of Northeastern.

    There are also two Patriot draft picks born on this date, who chose the NFL over the AFL:

    Jim Bradshaw, 81 (1939)
    Pats 20th round (158th overall) selection of the 1963 draft, from Tennessee-Chattanooga
    Played in 62 games over five seasons at safety and punt returner for Pittsburgh.

    Clarence Childs, 82 (1938)
    Pats 20th round (155th overall) selection of the 1961 draft, from Florida A&M
    CB/HB/KR played in 59 games in the sixties, mostly with the Giants.

    One draft-trade birthday today:
    Doug Martin, 31 (1989)
    In 2012 the Patriots traded their first round pick (31st overall) and a fourth to move up to #25, where they selected Dont'a Hightower. Denver then traded the 1.31 pick to Tampa, who chose the running back from Boise State.

    January 13, 2009:
    Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli is hired as General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    January 13, 2010:
    Linebacker Junior Seau retires.
  2. Actual Pats Fan

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    May 26, 2016
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    I was there. A historic day. Lots of fun.
    Steve played some of his best football in 1985 and 1986.

    He was to us then what Brady is to us now.
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  3. Actual Pats Fan

    Actual Pats Fan Supporter Supporter

    May 26, 2016
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    Steve Grogan, who won the division for us, starts, we win and advance.
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  4. Actual Pats Fan

    Actual Pats Fan Supporter Supporter

    May 26, 2016
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    Absolutely no surprise to me. Start Eason, lose. Start Grogan, win. Like always.
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  5. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2005
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    Today in Patriots History
    Ben Watson Runs Down Champ Bailey

    Remembering one of the greatest forgotten plays in Patriots history |

    A decade later, it remains a truly remarkable feat of athleticism and character.

    While the first postseason loss of Tom Brady’s career is not a moment many Patriots fans enjoy looking back on, the game is memorable for one of the greatest plays in franchise history.

    Occurring in a 27-13 defeat to the Broncos at Mile High Stadium in January, 2006, the extraordinary play has been cast aside by history in large part because of wider circumstances. Still, there’s no denying that Ben Watson chasing down Champ Bailey over 100 frantic yards has to rank as one of the most impressive displays in the entire Belichick era.

    Saturday January 14, 2006 at 8:15
    2005 AFC Divisional Round Game at Invesco Field
    Denver Broncos 27, New England Patriots 13
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Mike Shanahan
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Jake Plummer
    Odds: Broncos favored by 3

    Patriots finish 11-5, ending hopes for a three-peat
    Broncos improve to 14-3; move on to AFCCG vs Pittsburgh

    Denver was leading 10-6 late in the third quarter when the Patriots started a drive at their own 22 following a punt. On the first three plays Tom Brady completed passes of 33 yards to Troy Bown, 26 yards to Deion Branch, and nine yards to David Givens. Corey Dillon ran five yards off left tackle on the following play to give the Patriots a first and goal at the five yard line.

    A false start, a five yard completion to Branch and an incomplete pass to Givens set up third and goal at the five. On a safety blitz Brady rolled to his right and threw off his back foot for Troy, not getting enough zip on the ball. Champ Bailey stepped in front for the interception. With the line of scrimmage so close to the pick, it only took a few steps for him to be past most would-be tacklers. Kevin Faulk had a chance at the 45, but Bailey side stepped him and had a clear path for the end zone.

    Then Watson made his famous effort play - but what usually gets lost in the story is the fact that the Patriots should have got the ball back, rather than Denver scoring from the one-yard line to take a commanding 17-6 lead.

    Click below for four tell-tale still photos:
    What if Ben Watson's play against Denver was called correctly?

    Clearly the ball went of bounds in the end zone (and not the one yard line), which would have given the Patriots possession at the twenty, with the score still 10-6. Whether or not the Pats would have used that play as an emotional lift to victory is impossible to say.

    The reality is they made bad plays near the end of the first half that cost them ten points. A Kevin Falk fumble gave Denver the ball at the New England 40, and on the next play Asante Samuel had a bad pass interference giving the Broncos first down at the one, leading to a touchdown. Ellis Hobbs fumbled the ensuing kickoff, gifting Denver with another three points. Then early in the fourth quarter Adam Vinatieri missed a 43 yard field goal, followed Troy Brown muffing a punt. Three plays late Denver scored another touchdown, and the Broncos had an 18 point lead.

    10 years later, Bailey thinks Belichick may have been right | NBC Sports Boston

    “I get it,” Bailey said. “Because I thought it was a touchback. When I was on the sideline, I was saying, ‘Did the ball cross? Did I get in? Did I get in?’ Everybody on our bench of course was optimistic. ‘Yeah, you got in.’

    “I was like, ‘I don’t think I got in.’ And then when they put it at the 1, I thought, “Wow, that’s great.”

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  6. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2005
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    Today in Patriots History
    Tomlinson Whines After Pats Mimic Chargers' "Lights Out" Dance in San Diego

    Sunday January 14, 2007 at 4:30
    2006 AFC Divisional Round Game at Qualcomm Stadium
    New England Patriots 24, San Diego Chargers 21
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Marty Schottenheimer
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers
    Odds: Chargers favored by 5

    Patriots improve to 14-4; head to #3 Indy for AFCCG
    Chargers finish 14-3

    The number four seed New England Patriots knocked off the team with the NFL's best record, 24-21 in San Diego. The Chargers were extremely confident - perhaps overconfident - and seemed to be in denial, unable to grasp the reality they had lost to a better team that day.

    The one iconic play in this game happened with 6:20 left to play, and San Diego leading 21-13. The Patriots were facing a 4th-and-5 on the Charger 41 yard line. The pass was intercepted by Marlon McCree, who could have either just knocked the pass down, or fall to the ground with the ball to put the Charger offense on the field. Instead he attempted to run with the ball even though there was little daylight. Troy Brown made the game-saving play, knocking the ball out of McCree's hands and recovering the fumble himself.

    With a fresh set of downs and renewed confidence the Pats quickly scored against a demoralized and unfocused Charger defense. On the extra point attempt the snap went to Kevin Faulk, who was standing next to Brady, and he quickly burst up the middle for two points to tie the score.

    The Patriot defense forced a three and out, then a 49-yard completion to Reche Caldwell set up Stephen Gostkowski's game winning 31 yard field goal with 1:14 to play. San Diego was able to move into New England territory, but Nate Kaeding's 52 yard field goal attempt went wide.

    After the game was over league MVP LaDainian Tomlinson had to be restrained, and complained incessantly about the Patriots mocking Shawne Merriman by mimicking his lights-out dance. LT whined that the Patriot celebration was not 'classy'. What a hypocrite! In other words it is okay for Merriman to mock an opposing team, but when the shoe is on the other foot he cries foul? The Patriots would have never done that if not for the steroid abuser Merriman's childish antics first. Memo to Tomlinson: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    Live Game Blog | The Fifth Down

    Crafty Brady fuels Pats' comeback win over Chargers | AP/espn
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  7. Actual Pats Fan

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    May 26, 2016
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    "...Is that a dick move?...Okay, kind of a dick move..."
    "Oh, and I get to stab Hannah in the back, too! 'Your best friend is GONE! GONZO! BYE-BYE!' Ha. I'm the boss. Not Fairbanks. I call the shots. Maybe I'm a racist after all..."
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  8. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2005
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    Today in Patriots History
    Brady tames Tebowmania, 45-10
    Dion Lewis scores 3 TD, 3 ways to down Texans

    Saturday January 14, 2012 at 8:15
    2011 AFC Divisional Round Game at Gillette
    New England Patriots 45, Denver Broncos 10
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, John Fox
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Tim Tebow
    Odds: Patriots favored by 13½

    Patriots improve to 14-3; advance to AFCCG vs Ravens
    Broncos finish 9-9

    Broncos vs. Patriots: Tom Brady ties playoff record as New England shreds Tim Tebow and Denver | Washington Post

    Then this AFC divisional playoff game started. Less than two minutes in, the Patriots were up by a touchdown. Less than six minutes later, they were up by two. Over the final two-and-a-half minutes of a freakishly good first half, they scored two more to go up by 28 points.

    All that pregame dissection of Tebow’s throwing motion and Tebow’s beliefs and Tebow’s leadership and Tebow’s deficiencies seemed downright silly, because the vastly superior player, Brady, and the clearly superior team, New England, won in a never-in-doubt romp, 45-10, in which Brady tied an NFL playoff record with six touchdown passes.​

    Tom Brady fuels record night as Pats end Tim Tebow's run with rout | AP/espn

    Denver couldn't cover or tackle All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski, who tied a postseason mark with three touchdown catches, all in the opening half. Brady toyed with the Broncos (9-9), throwing more TD passes than Tebow had completions (three) in the first 30 minutes.

    "We were playing complementary football, and it was awesome," Gronkowski said. "Obviously, you can't start off the game any better than that."

    Brady's sixth TD was to his other tight end, Aaron Hernandez, as the quarterback tied Steve Young and Daryle Lamonica for the most in a postseason game.​

    Saturday January 14, 2017 at 8:15
    2016 AFC Divisional Round Game at Gillette
    New England Patriots 34, Houston Texans 16
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Bill O'Brien
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Brock Osweiler
    Odds: Patriots favored by 16

    Patriots improve to 15-2; advance to AFCCG vs Pittsburgh
    Texans finish 10-8

    Dion Lewis scored three different ways - on a 13 yard pass reception, on a 98 yard kickoff, and on a one yard run - as the Patriots defeated Houston to advance to the AFC championship game against the Steelers.

    The defense limited the Texans to three points in the second half, thanks to interceptions by Devin McCourty, Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon. Julian Edelman had eight receptions for 137 yards. In doing so he broke a franchise record held by Wes Welker for career postseason catches, with 76. Meanwhile Tom Brady was held in check, going 18-38 for 287 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

    Happy 36th birthday to Brandon Meriweather
    Born Jan 14, 1984 in Apopka, Florida
    Patriot safety 2007-2010; uniform #31
    Pats 1st round (24th overall) selection of the 2007 draft, from Miami

    Happy 48th birthday to Kyle Brady
    Born Jan 14, 1972 in New Cumberland, PA
    Patriot TE, 2007; uniform #88
    Signed as a free agent on March 3, 2007

    Happy birthday to Mel West (1939-2003)
    Born Jan 14, 1939 in Columbia, MO
    Patriot HB, 1961; uniform #24
    Pats 11th round (82nd overall) selection of the 1961 draft, from Missouri

    Happy 60th birthday to Joaquin Zendejas
    Born Jan 14, 1960 in Curimeo, Mexico
    Patriot kicker, 1983; uniform #2
    Signed Dec 6, 1983

    Happy 28th birthday to James O'Shaughnessy
    Born Jan 14, 1992 in Naperville, Illinois
    Patriot TE, 2017 offseason; uniform #88
    Acquired on April 29, 2017 with a 6th round pick from Chiefs, for a 5th round draft pick

    January 14, 1991:
    Patriots hire Joe Collier as defensive coordinator, and Charlie West as defensive backs coach.

    January 14, 2010:
    Defensive coordinator Dean Pees resigns following a 33-7 wild card loss to Baltimore.

    Others born on this date with a New England connection:

    Frank Varrichione (1932-2018)
    Born in Natick; Natick High School
    OT was the #6 overall pick of the 1955 draft and went to five Pro Bowls with the Steelers and Rams.

    Terry Wooden, 53 (1967)
    Born in Hartford; Farmington HS
    LB played for nine years, seven with Seattle; he led the NFL in solo tackles in 1995.

    Jack Sachse (1921-1988)
    C/LB from Texas played for the Boston Yanks in 1945.
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  9. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2005
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    Today in Patriots History
    Obscure Trivialities

    The fifteenth is one of eight days the Patriots have never played in the month of January; the others being the 9th, 17th, 25th and 28th through 31st. This date is devoid of famous birth dates as well.

    Happy 69th to Bill DuLac
    Born January 15, 1951 in Detroit
    Patriot guard, 1973-1975; uniform #68
    Acquired in trade with Los Angeles Rams on July 24, 1973

    Bill DuLac was a seventh round draft pick by the Rams in 1973, from Eastern Michigan. The Patriots traded him to Green Bay on August 9, 1973, just 16 days after acquiring him from the Rams. DuLac spent the 1973 season the taxi squad for Dallas, then re-signed with the Patriots when the Cowboys cut him at the end of their 1974 training camp.

    DuLac played in 13 games with one start for the Patriots in both 1974 and 1975. He was released on July 1, 1976.

    William DuLac - E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame | Eastern Michigan University Eagles

    Perhaps of more interest is how Bill DuLac ever came to be a New England Patriot.

    Herb Adderley is a Hall of Fame cornerback; one of just three players to win six NFL championships. Adderley played from 1961 to 1969 for Vince Lombardi and the Packers, then for Tom Landry in Dallas for three seasons. After being benched late in the 1972 season he was dealt to the Patriots for nothing more than a tenth round draft pick just before the start of training camp.

    Patriots Get Adderley, Voss In Separate Transactions | New York Times

    After this things get murky. It appears as though Adderley never reported to the Patriots and they traded his rights to the Rams in exchange for DuLac. Wikipedia makes no mention of the Patriots in their Herb Adderley bio, stating he refused to report to the Rams. Pro Sports Transactions says that the Rams waived Adderley with an injury settlement two weeks after the trade with the Pats.

    Happy 31st birthday to Chris White
    Born January 15, 1989 in Mobile, Alabama
    Patriot ST/LB, 2013-2014; uniform #59
    Claimed off waivers from Detroit on September 1, 2013

    Chris White was originally a sixth round draft pick by Buffalo in 2011, from Mississippi State. After two seasons with the Bills he was traded to Detroit for QB Thad Lewis; the Patriots picked him up off waivers less than a week later.

    In 2013 White played in all 16 games with the Patriots and was on the field for 328 special team snaps (67%), as well as both playoff games (40 ST snaps, 70%). He had nine tackles (five solo) as the Pats went 13-5.

    White appeared in 13 games the following season, missing three games late in the year with an ankle injury. He was on the field for 257 special team snaps and seven defensive snaps in the regular season, making seven tackles. White made four more tackles in the postseason, earning a ring from Super Bowl 49 versus Seattle. The Pats released White on August 10, to make room for RB Tony Creecy.

    Oct 26, 2013: Football Journey: Chris White | Mike Reiss, espn

    Patriots re-sign LB Chris White |


    Happy 53rd birthday to Fred DeRiggi
    Born January 15, 1967 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
    Patriot NT, 1990; uniform #71

    Fred DeRiggi was originally a seventh round draft pick by the Bills in 1990, from Syracuse. He played in the final two games of the forgettable 1990 season for Rod Rust. DeRiggi was with the Pats for the 1991 offseason but was released as part of roster cutdowns in late August - even though at that point he was reunited with his college coach, Dick MacPherson.

    Fred DeRiggi - Syracuse University Athletics

    Syracuse football hopes LSU rematch looks like 1989 Hall of Fame Game

    Rob Drummond can still clearly remember the vibe the last time Syracuse shared a football field with the folks from Louisiana State.

    "They were just so arrogant leading up to that game," Drummond recalled Tuesday evening. "We got the same feeling from them that we got the year before from Auburn at the Sugar Bowl.

    "You know, they were from the SEC. They had the best conference in the land. They played the tougher schedule. The world revolved around them. All that stuff. Their thing was they were the ones who weren't going to lose to the team from the north."

    Drummond, the former Orange running back (via Jamesville-DeWitt High School), was speaking of the 1989 Hall of Fame Bowl in Tampa where 17th-ranked SU took on No. 16 LSU … and beat it 23-10 before a New Year's Day (plus one) gathering of 51,112.

    The two schools, which will meet again on Saturday afternoon in the Carrier Dome, haven't butted heads since. And there may have been a reason beyond geography.

    Hard feelings, anyone?

    "We didn't care if we won the game," said Drummond, who gained 122 yards (on 23 carries) and scored two touchdowns en route to winning the affair's Most Valuable Player award. "We just wanted to beat them up physically and show them that we could play football up north, too."

    Wait. The goal was to batter the SEC co-champion Tigers, first … and out-score them, second?

    "Correct," Drummond declared. "And we did beat them up. From the very first play. We knocked, like, five of their guys out of the game."

    But back in January of '89 things were different. SU, on a 25-4-1 run, had traveled to Tampa with a program stocked with 16 athletes who'd eventually suit up in the NFL. And 11 of them saw the field down there in Florida.

    Drummond, David Bavaro, Rob Burnett, Frank Conover, Fred DeRiggi, John Flannery, Daryl Johnston, Rob Moore, Markus Paul, Todd Philcox, Terry Wooden. Each a future pro, they all played that day, 27 seasons ago, against the Tigers, and the stats they compiled were remarkable ones as the Orangemen outrushed LSU 208-76 in yardage, nearly doubled it in first downs (24-14) and shut it out in both the first and fourth quarters.​

    Thomson cut by Patriots | Hartford Courant

    The Patriots also released tight end Randy Bethel, a 10th-round pick in April's draft, free-agent nose tackle Fred DeRiggi and free agent wide receiver Brian Wiggins.

    The Patriots must reduce their roster to 60 by 4 p.m. today.

    Dykes undergoes surgery​
    Wide receiver Hart Lee Dykes, injured in Saturday night's 46-0 loss to Phoenix, underwent surgery on his fractured right kneecap. Dykes, who was a starter, is expected to miss the entire season.

    Dykes' injury moves second-year player Greg McMurtry into a starting position along with Irving Fryar. McMurtry, a third-round pick out of Michigan, caught 22 passes for 240 yards last season as a rookie.​

    And some draft pick trade trivia involving players born on January 15:

    Eric Kelly, 43 (Jan 15, 1977)
    Third round (69th overall) pick of the 2001 draft

    On April 21, 2001 the Patriots traded their third round (#69) pick of the 2001 draft to Minnesota, moving down 17 spots while adding a fourth round pick. The Pats used 3.86 to select CB Brock Williams, and 4.119 TE Jabari Holloway. Neither Williams nor Holloway ever registered a single stat with the Patriots.

    Williams dressed for the first game of 2001, then tore his ACL. The following offseason he was limited with an ankle injury before being released on Sept 1, 2002. He went on to play 12 NFL games with the Bears and Raiders.

    Holloway began the 2001 training camp on the PUP list, then was placed on injured reserve for the '01 season. He was waived a year later on Aug 25, 2002. The tight end played for two seasons with Houston, with 15 receptions and no touchdowns.

    Kelly was a starter for two season with the Vikings, then asked for his release in the 2004 offseason after his playing time had dwindled. The Texans claimed Kelly off waivers, then released him when he refused to renegotiate his contract and take a pay cut. Kelly signed with the Bears but he was cut at the end of 2004 training camp, and he never played in the NFL again.

    Travis Lewis, 32 (Jan 15, 1988)
    Seventh round (223rd overall) pick of the 2012 draft

    On Sept 4, 2010 the Patriots acquired this draft pick plus LB Tracy White from Philadelphia in exchange for a 2012 sixth round pick. White would go on to play 42 games over three seasons with the Pats.

    A month later New England traded 2012 draft pick 7.223 to Minnesota along with Randy Moss, in exchange for a 2011 third round pick. That pick was used to select QB Ryan Mallett.

    In 2012 the Vikings made a draft day trade with Detroit, receiving a fourth round pick from the Lions. That fourth was one of four draft picks that Minnesota sent to New England in exchange for the Patriots' first round pick, 29th overall. The Viking used that on Cordarrelle Patterson. The Patriots used their picks on Jamie Collins, Logan Ryan and Josh Boyce. The Pats also later packaged a seventh round pick they received in the Minnesota trade with Jeff Demps, to trade for LeGarrette Blount.

    One other player born on this date with a New England connection:

    Fran Morelli (1939-2008)
    Born in Medford; Medford High School
    Tackle for the New York Titans in 1962
    He was traded to the Oakland Raiders but due to injury moved onto teaching and coaching. He was a successful football coach and English teacher at Waltham and Woburn High Schools. Later, Fran held several executive positions in the Wine and Spirits industry with companies such as Fleishmann's, Publicker, Standard Brands, and SoGrape.

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    Today in Patriots History
    'Cut That Meat' Game

    The iconic play of this game occured in the second quarter when Tedy Bruschi turned a routine play into a signature moment, ripping the ball away from Dominic Rhodes for a takeaway. Before the game was over the crowd in Foxborough was mocking quarterback/television commercial endorser Peyton Manning with 'Cut That Meat' chants.

    Sunday January 16, 2005 at 4:45
    2004 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game
    New England Patriots 20, Indianapolis Colts 3
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
    Odds: Patriots favored by 1

    Pats improve to 15-2; advance to AFCCG at Pittsburgh
    Colts finish 13-5

    Key Stat I: Turnovers
    Patriots 0, Colts 3

    Key Stat II: Rushing Yards (and Time of Possession)
    Patriots: 39 carries for 210 yards (5.4 ypc) and 1 TD (37:43 TOP)
    Colts: 15 carries for 46 yards (3.0 ypc), 1 fumble lost (22:17 TOP)

    Bruschi Bruises Indy | New York Post

    The play looked rather routine. Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi tackled running back Dominic Rhodes, who had just caught a second-quarter Peyton Manning screen pass.

    But when Bruschi popped up, he turned toward the Indianapolis bench and presented it with another surprise on a stunning day. He showed it the football.

    Save a two-minute drill at the end of the half, Bruschi and the Patriots defense got the Colts every time. New England held its visitors to its lowest point total since Manning arrived seven years ago and rolled Indianapolis 20-3 in yesterday’s AFC playoff game at Gillette Stadium.

    As usual, Bruschi led the defense, forcing a fumble and recovering two. He also hopped and yapped after every big play, taunting some Colts he felt disrespected the Pats with well-publicized comments leading up to the game.

    Yesterday’s set of big plays started when he wrestled with Rhodes. Reading the screen, Bruschi shed Colts center Jeff Saturday and hit Rhodes for what appeared to be a two-yard loss. But Bruschi wagged the ball toward the Colts sideline, and officials signaled Patriots possession, ending Indy’s best drive to that point.

    In the fourth quarter, he helped seal the game in the secondary. Reggie Wayne caught a Manning pass over the middle and ran into Pats safety Rodney Harrison, whose hit jarred the ball loose. It had barely bounced before Bruschi fell on it.

    The Patriots Deliver Yet Another Cold Slap to Manning | The New York Times

    The Colts entered the game with the most decorated offense in recent league history. The Patriots walked onto the field with a secondary built with patchwork and guts.
    But after a season in which Manning threw a record 49 touchdown passes, he could not even muster one against New England.

    But on Sunday, with three defensive starters out with injuries -- cornerbacks Ty Law and Tyrone Poole and end Richard Seymour -- New England still knocked the Colts' receivers around once they emerged from their 5-yard cushion. The Patriots used linebackers, the young cornerbacks Asante Samuel and Randall Gay, and even the receiver-turned-cornerback Troy Brown to disrupt the Colts' routes.

    "What are they going to do next?" Brown said of league officials' decision to reinforce the illegal-contact rule this season.

    Then there was the snow, which, as it did in the championship game last season, swarmed into the stadium, falling in damp clumps.

    "It played right into our hands," said Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, who intercepted Manning's final pass of the game. "He wasn't the same. It's not 70 degrees inside. It's not a dome."

    Horse Whisperers | ESPN Page Two

    This was about respect. This was about four letters ("team") meaning more than five letters ("stats"). This was about a great team taking care of business at home, because that's what great teams do.

    Patriots Cold-C0ck Colts | Washington Post

    The New England Patriots had heard the predictions of their postseason demise from the naysayers who said they couldn't stop Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his stable of big-play performers.

    But these are the champions, playing at home, and on a snowy, emotional Sunday afternoon, the Patriots kept hope alive for a third Super Bowl title in four years with a methodical 20-3 victory that ended Manning's dream season with yet another nightmare finish.

    "I told someone today I felt like there had been more hype over this game than there was for the Super Bowl last year," Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said. "There was a lot of doubt about it, and it ticked us off more and more. It ticked us off that no one gave us respect. I couldn't even sleep last night."

    Manning, who passed for an NFL record 49 touchdowns in the regular season, is 0-7 against the Patriots in Foxboro ...

    The Patriots prevailed Sunday mostly because their offense became their best defense. Three of their four scoring drives covered 78, 87 and 94 yards and consumed 9:07, 8:16 and 7:24. It must have seemed like an eternity to Manning and his offense, bundled up against the cold on the sideline and unable to get back onto the field as the Patriots marched toward the goal line.

    2004 AFC Divisional Game: Patriots vs Colts - YouTube
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  11. jmt57

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    Today in Patriots History
    Jets Upset Patriots

    Saturday January 16, 2016 at 4:30
    2015 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game, at Gillette
    New England Patriots 27, Kansas City Chiefs 20
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Andy Reid
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Alex Smith
    Odds: New England favored by 4½

    Pats improve to 13-4, advance to AFCCG at Denver
    Kansas City finishes 12-6

    The Chiefs entered this game as a hot team, on an 11-game winning streak after defeating Houston 30-0 in a wild card game. With several Patriots recovering from injuries - and the media in a frenzy after Chandler Jones showed up shirtless and reeking of weed at a police station - KC was a trendy pick to win in an upset.

    Julian Edelman caught ten passes for 100 yards, returning from a broken foot while the Pats finished the regular season 2-4 without him. Rob Gronkowski had seven receptions for 83 yards and two touchdowns, and also recovered an onside kick to seal the victory.

    The crowd became energized when Tom Brady took off for a ten yard run late in the second quarter, taking a hard hit just short of the goal line. On the next play Brady (28-42, 302 yards, 2 TD, 0 Int) snuck in for a touchdown, giving the Pats a 14-6 halftime lead.

    Andy Reid once again had some questionable clock management, with the Chiefs using up 5:16 late in the fourth quarter while down by 14 points. KC held an advantage in almost every statistical category, but the Patriots held the lead for almost the entire game. The Chiefs ran 29 more plays on offense (85-56) and held the ball for over minutes more than the Pats (37:51-22:09), but could not come up with a big play when needed.

    Six minute highlight video:

    Full Game Video:

    Sunday January 16, 2011 at 4:30
    2010 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game, at Gillette
    New York Jets 28, New England Patriots 21
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez
    Odds: New England favored by 9½

    Pats finish 14-3
    Jets improve to 13-5, go to Pittsburgh for AFCCG

    The Patriots did just enough wrong to lose this game. Late in the first half Patrick Chung took a direct snap out of a punt formation and failed to run for a first down. The Jets took advantage a few plays later, scoring a touchdown with 33 seconds to go to take a 14-3 lead. The Pats scored late in the third quarter to pull within four, then a couple plays later Jerricho Cotchery took a short pass and ran 58 yards to set up another Jet touchdown, early in the fourth quarter.

    New England used up 7:45 on the ensuing drive and came away empty handed, again turning the ball over on downs. The Pats kicked a field goal on their next possession to pull within seven at the two minute warning. That was followed by an onside kick that was not only recovered by the Jets, but run back to the 20 yard line. Two plays later the Jets scored again, giving them an insurmountable 14 point lead with 1:40 to play.

    Happy 73rd birthday to Brian Stenger
    Born January 16, 1947 in Euclid, Ohio
    Patriot LB, 1973; uniform #59
    Acquired Sept 10, 1973 from Pittsburgh in exchange for a 1974 10th round draft pick

    Brian Stenger was originally signed by the Steelers in 1969 as an undrafted rookie out of Notre Dame. He played in ten games with two starts and two fumble recoveries in 1973 with the Patriots, before going on injured reserve on November 28.

    The following year he was re-signed by the Patriots, and was also drafted by the Florida Blazers of the World Football League. Stenger departed to play in the WFL, first with the Detroit Wheels and then the Southern California Sun.

    Two others born on this date with a New England connection:

    Joseph Fauria, 30 (1990)
    Nephew of Christian Fauria
    The tight end from UCLA had seven touchdowns as a rookie with Detroit in 2013.

    Daryl Porter, 46 (1974)
    Boston College
    A sixth round draft pick by Pittsburgh, the safety played in 55 games for the Lions, Bills and Titans from 1997-2001.
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    Today in Patriots History

    With zero games ever played on this date and only one January 17 birthday, here is a longer biography on a relatively obscure former Patriot.

    Happy 32nd birthday to Trevor Reilly
    Born January 17, 1988 in Valley Center, California
    Patriot OLB 2016-2017; uniform #51
    Signed to the practice squad on October 20, 2016

    As a 16 year old youth Reilly set the Guinness World Record for fastest time eating a 7.5-ounce white onion at 1 minute and 35 seconds, shattering the former mark of 2:45. Reilly earned a football scholarship to Texas Tech, but instead accepted a two-year Latter Day Saints mission to Sweden. After returning he was a walk-on at the University of Utah: a 22-year old redshirt freshman. By the time he was a senior he was married with two kids.

    During that senior year his wife discovered a lump on their 9-month old daughter. Two days later she had her kidney removed, and had to undergo chemotherapy for a year; it has been in remission since. The next year Reilly was selected by the Jets in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft.

    After two seasons with the Jets - and some interesting moonlighting as an Uber driver - Reilly went on IR. After reaching an injury settlement with the Jete, Reilly was a free agent. Two days later the Patriots signed him to their practice squad on October 20, 2016.

    Miami signed Reilly to their full roster off the Pats PS on December 19. The next season Reilly did not survive final cuts, and the Dolphins re-signed him to their practice squad. He was released October 10, 2017 and two days later the Pats again signed Reilly to the PS. A few weeks later he was promoted to the 53-man roster after Harvey Langi was injured in an automobile accident. In late December Reilly returned to the practice squad, to make room for James Harrison. He was released on February 12, 2018 and has not been with an NFL organization since.

    In 2018 Reilly returned to Salt Lake City, working as a grad assistant and part time scout player with the Utes while taking one last class to earn his degree. He also signed to play for Dennis Erickson with the Salt Lake Stallions of the Alliance of American Football. That minor league operation folded before its first season was completed. At least Reilly fared better than some teammates who suffered injuries during play, left to pay their own medical and rehab expenses when the AAF declared bankruptcy.

    Trevor Reilly appeared in six games with the Patriots, from week eight to week 15 of the 2017 season. He logged 57 defensive snaps and 94 special team snaps with the Pats.

    Trevor Reilly followed unique path to Patriots | Providence Journal

    Patriots sign LB Trevor Reilly to the practice squad; Release WR Bernard Reedy from the practice squad |

    Despite ‘roller coaster ride,’ the Patriots’ Trevor Reilly hopes to be next Ute alumnus to win a Super Bowl | Deseret News

    Patriots LB Trevor Reilly has had an absurdly action-packed life | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Former Utes Trevor Reilly and Brandon Burton finding out coaching is tougher than it looks - The Salt Lake Tribune

    Graduate assistant Trevor Reilly helps Utes while waiting for NFL call | Deseret News

    Salt Lake Stallions add a pair of former BYU, Utah players to roster | Deseret News

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    Today in Patriots History
    Pats defeat Colts in AFCCG (twice)

    Sunday January 18, 2004 at 3:00
    2003 AFC Championship Game at Gillette
    New England Patriots 24, Indianapolis Colts 14
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
    Odds: Pats favored by 3½

    Pats improve to 16-2; advance to Super Bowl 38 vs Carolina
    Colts finish 14-5

    Key Stat I : The Colts turn the ball over five times, including four interceptions by Peyton Manning. Ty Law had an amazing day with three picks, and Rodney Harrison had another.

    Key Stat II: Marvin Harrison was limited to just three receptions for 19 yards, plus had one turnover on a fumble (Rodney Harrison once again. He too had a great game, with ten tackles (7 solo), an interception, a forced fumble and a deflected pass).

    Key Patriot Stats:
    - Manning was sacked four times; Brady sacked zero times
    - Antowain Smith: 22 carries for 100 yards
    - Troy Brown: 7 receptions for 88 yards
    - David Givens: 8 receptions (on 9 targets) for 68 yards and a touchdown

    Below is an excellent post-game article from Sports Illustrated:
    Cold Blooded: Patriots 24, Colts 14

    Having heard about Colts tight end Marcus Pollard's proclamation that if the Colts kept playing well, the league "might as well just hand us the rings," Belichick disdainfully told his players, "Nobody hands you a ring. I don't care how much money you have, you can't f------ buy one. You have to play, and you have to earn it." Then, pulling out his 2001 Super Bowl ring and raising it high above his head, Belichick continued, "This has to be earned, and there's only one way to do that. Either they kick your ass, or you kick theirs."​

    2003 AFC Championship: Patriots vs Colts Highlights (3 min)

    2003 AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs Colts - Full Game

    Sunday January 18, 2015 at 6:50
    2014 AFC Championship Game at Gillette
    New England Patriots 45, Indianapolis Colts 7
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Chuck Pagano
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck
    Odds: Pats favored by 7

    Pats improve to 14-4; move on to Super Bowl 49 vs Seattle
    Colts finish 13-6

    Key Stat I : Andrew Luck
    The Indy quarterback was completely neutralized, completing just 12 of 33 passes for 126 yards, with no touchdowns, two interceptions - and a 23.0 passer rating.

    Key Stat II: Colt drives
    First half: punt; muffed punt (turnover); missed FG; punt; TD; kneel down (halftime)
    Second half: punt; interception; punt; interception; punt; end of game

    Key Patriot Stats:
    - LeGarrette Blount: 30 carries, 148 yards, 3 TD
    - Julian Edelman: 10 touches, 110 yards
    - Nate Solder and James Develin each with more touchdowns than any Colt not named Zurlon Tipton
    - 3rd Quarter Drives: Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown

    Patriots stomp Colts with Brady in high gear | AP/ESPN

    "I only have one thing to say. We're on to Seattle," Belichick said, echoing the statement he repeated several times, "We're on to Cincinnati," after a 41-14 loss at Kansas City dropped the Patriots to 2-2.

    The list of milestones is long:

    • Brady surpassed John Elway for most Super Bowls for a quarterback and tied defensive lineman Mike Lodish for most by any player.

    • Belichick tied Don Shula for most Super Bowls for a coach and broke a tie with Tom Landry with his 21st postseason win.

    • New England tied Dallas and Pittsburgh for most appearances in the big game with eight.

    Brady passed Peyton Manning (6,800 yards) for most yards passing in the postseason with 7,017. ... In four games against the Pats, Luck has thrown six touchdowns and 10 interceptions. ... Indianapolis kicker Adam Vinatieri set an NFL record with his 30th postseason game, one more than Jerry Rice, but missed a 51-yard field goal attempt. ... The Patriots improved to 17-4 in home playoff games.​

    Colts vs. Patriots AFC Championship Game highlights

    This of course was also the game that Ryan Grigson, Bob Kravitz and others conspired to attempt to frame the Patriots - while forgetting about grade school science and the Ideal Gas Law.

    Pats Fans: How Strong is the Curse of Deflategate?
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    Today in Patriots History
    Tony McGee, Jermaine Wiggins & more

    Happy 71st birthday to Tony McGee
    Born Jan 18, 1949 in Battle Creek, Michigan
    Patriot DE, 1974-1981; uniform #78
    Acquired on Sept 10, 1974 from Chicago for a 1975 8th and 1976 3rd round draft pick

    Tony McGee played in 121 games with the Patriots. Along with Julius Adams, Ray Hamilton and Mel Lunsford the New England defensive line was a formidable group in the late seventies. McGee also spent three seasons each with Chicago and Washington and is unofficially credited with 106.5 sacks in his career. (Sacks did not become an official statistic until 1982. As a frame of reference, Patriot Hall of Famer had 100 career sacks.)

    McGee was a player at the University of Wyoming during an ugly and mostly forgotten incident took place. The Cowboys played Brigham Young every year, and in 1968 BYU's all-white squad had hurled racial slurs and cheap shots at black players during their game. Just prior to playing BYU again a year later, 14 players approached the Wyoming head coach about wearing black armbands as a form of protest. That group not only did not get the support from the head coach they were seeking - they were all immediately kicked off the team. Wyoming had been ranked #16, but lost its final four games; a year later they fell to 1-9.

    The defensive end transferred to now defunct Bishop College in Texas. The situation in Wyoming caused him to fall from a first round draft pick to the third round, due to gossip and assumptions that McGee must have been a troublemaker. He went on to play in 212 NFL games, and in two Super Bowls. In his post-NFL career he started a physical therapy business in the Virginia suburbs of DC, which he ran for 13 years before selling to a health care firm.

    Tony McGee Still Stands With Black 14: 'It Had To Be Done'

    University of Wyoming apologizes to Black 14 nearly 50 years after their dismissal

    The Black 14 Video | Wyoming PBS

    Happy 45th birthday to Jermaine Wiggins
    Born Jan 18, 1975 in East Boston
    Patriot TE, 2000-2001; uniform #85
    Claimed off waivers from Jets on Nov 28, 2000

    The graduate of East Boston High School and Bridgton Academy in Maine is remembered not for his 20 regular season games with the Patriots, but for the 2001 postseason. In the divisional round Snow Bowl game against Oakland he had ten receptions, four of which came on the fourth quarter drive that ended with Tom Brady scoring on a six yard run, to cut the deficit to three points. Wiggins then had three more catches on the game winning drive that culminated with Adam Vinatieri's improbable field goal, including a clutch six-yard reception on 3rd-and-five. Wiggins then came up big on the final drive of Super Bowl 36, making a catch with 21 seconds remaining to set up another iconic Vinatieri game winning field goal.


    Happy 35th birthday to Matthew Mulligan
    Born Jan 18, 1985 in West Enfield, Maine
    Patriot TE, 2013; uniform #88
    Signed as a free agent on Sept 2, 2013

    The former University of Maine Black Bear had spent time on practice squads and active rosters with the Dolphins, Titans, Jets, Rams over five years, playing in 50 games before being signed by New England. Mulligan played in 15 games with four starts as a pretty decent blocking tight end, scoring a week four touchdown at Atlanta. He bounced around a bit more from 2014-2016, with Chicago, Arizona, Tennessee, Buffalo and Detroit. Mulligan played in 89 games over his NFL career from 2009-2016.

    Happy birthday to Kenyatta Jones (1979-2018)
    Born Jan 18, 1979 in Gainesville, Florida
    Patriot OL, 2001-2002; uniform #74
    Pats 4th round (96th overall) selection of the 2001 draft, from South Florida

    The Pats thought enough of Jones to move up 16 spots in the draft to select him, trading their own fourth (#112) and a fifth (#139) to San Diego for the #96 pick. I can remember Jones as being a very athletic run blocker in college, though it was not against top competition. He played in 18 games for the Patriots with 11 starts.

    Jones was waived by the Patriots on Oct 26, 2003, three days after pleading not guilty to multiple charges stemming from a bizarre incident where he doused a roomate with scalding water, causing second and third degree burns.

    Kenyatta Jones, USF's first NFL draft pick, dies at 39

    Patriot player pleads not guilty to scalding aide |

    On the day he was to return to the team after a long medical absence, Jones pleaded not guilty to charges of assault with intent to maim, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and mayhem, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

    Police said the injuries suffered at Jones's Walpole home Monday night by Mark Paul, 33, were enough to warrant the mayhem charge, which involves a crime where there is "intent to maim or disfigure," according to state criminal law.​

    Happy 25th birthday to Chad Hansen
    Born Jan 18, 1995 in Fillmore, California
    Patriot WR, 2018; uniform #16
    Claimed off waivers from Jets on Sept 2, 2018

    Chad Hansen was only with the Patriots for a week. A day after being on the week one inactive list versus Houston the Pats released the 6'2, 202 lb receiver from Cal. Hansen played in 15 games for the Jets in 2017; he spent 2019 on the practice squad for the Texans.

    Happy 28th birthday to Jonathan Krause
    Born Jan 18, 1992 in San Bernardino, California
    Patriot WR/PR, 2014-2015; uniform #16
    Signed as a free agent to the practice squad on Oct 24, 2014

    Jonathan Krause spent almost all of the 2014 season from week seven forward on the New England practice squad, earning a ring for Super Bowl 49 in the process. He was waived/injured at the end of 2015 training camp and then placed on injured reserve, then released with an injury settlement on Sept 19.

    From 2014 to 2017 Krause was with the Browns, Patriots, Eagles, Bucs, Chargers, Bucs again, and Titans, on practice squads and in training camps. He made it to the field for two NFL games with Philly in 2015.

    Other football players born on this date with a New England connection include:

    Chris Snee, 38 (1982)
    Boston College
    Four-time Pro Bowl right guard played ten seasons with the Giants, winning two rings.

    Corrie Artman (1907-1970)
    Tackle from the 1930s played with the Boston Yanks.

    Dave Ziff (1902-1977)
    Northampton MA, Northampton High School
    Syracuse end played for the Rochester Jeffersons and Brooklyn Lions in the twenties.
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    I can't wait for tomorrow's edition (1/19/02).........been 18 years, damn!
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    Today In Patriots History
    The Snow Bowl Game

    aka the Tuck Rule Game

    The final game to ever be played at Foxboro Stadium was a case of saving the best for last.

    Saturday January 19, 2002 at 8:00
    2001 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game
    New England Patriots 16, Oakland Raiders 13 in OT
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Jon Gruden
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Rich Gannon
    Odds: New England favored by 3

    Pats improve to 12-5; move on to AFCCG at Pittsburgh
    Oakland finishes 11-7

    Key Stat I: plus-135 yards in total offense
    Patriots had 365 total yards (312 passing), Raiders were at only 230 total yards (159 passing).
    The Pats ran 22 more offensive plays (84-62) and held the ball for 11:41 more than Oakland (40:05-28:24). The Patriot defense forced Oakland to punt on nine of their twelve possessions (not including two kneel downs at the end of each half). The Raiders had only four drives that consisted of more than four plays.

    Key Stat II: Special Teams
    Adam Vinatieri went 3-3 on field goal attempts in extremely unfavorable conditions.
    Troy Brown added 49 yards on punt returns; Charles Woodson had minus-3.

    Key Stat III: Making plays in the clutch
    From the fourth quarter on, Oakland's drives consisted of three punts and a knee.
    New England finished with 13 points on a touchdown, punt, field goal, field goal.

    Patriots storm to AFC title game after snowy comeback
    Eliminate Raiders, helped by controversial call - The Boston Globe

    The Patriots’ defense made two key stops in the fourth quarter, and then got the ball back with 2:06 remaining after Troy Brown’s punt return of 27 yards to the 46.

    Helped by the two-minute warning, the Patriots had no timeouts left, and the ball was on the 42.

    Then they were saved by the controversial call.

    According to Coleman, “Obviously, what I saw on the field, I thought the ball came out before his arm was going forward. Then, when I got to the replay monitor and looked at it, it was obvious his arm was coming forward. He touched the ball. And they just hooked it out of his hand. His arm was coming forward, which makes it an incomplete pass.”

    Many Patriots fans could only think it was revenge for what happened in the teams’ 1976 playoff game.

    Brady completed nine straight passes, four to Jermaine Wiggins (who had 10 catches), three to David Patten, and one to Kevin Faulk before Brady scrambled in from the 6 with 7:52 remaining to pull to within 13-10.

    Belichick said he and his staff watched tapes of the Buffalo blizzard game last season, and at the last minute included plays that were successful in that game. Wiggins caught a couple of big balls in that game.

    “Jermaine had a couple of big catches in that game. He’s kind of a snow plow for us,” said Belichick.

    Patriots Persevere With a Late Blizzard of Their Own | The New York Times

    All that was missing from tonight's playoff game at Foxboro Stadium was a snowplow, a prisoner on work release and a coach looking to clear a swath for a winning field goal.

    In an American Football Conference divisional playoff game that looked as if it were played inside a snow globe, the New England Patriots left the snowplow on the sideline but still got a 45-yard field goal from Adam Vinatieri with 27 seconds remaining in regulation to send the game into overtime and a 23-yarder at 8 minutes 29 seconds of overtime to beat the Oakland Raiders, 16-13, and advance to the A.F.C. championship game next Sunday.

    . . .

    ''I can't say enough about this group,'' said Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, whose team trailed, 13-3, heading into the fourth quarter. ''They will not quit. To pull our way back we had a lot of big plays, big throws, big blocks. It can't get much closer than that.''

    If this was to be the final game at Foxboro Stadium -- it will be razed as soon as the Patriots play their final game here this season -- it was a fitting way to go.

    Snow began falling heavily at least two hours before kickoff and continued throughout. Snow accumulated in a small drift on the bill of Raiders Coach Jon Gruden's visor.

    . . .

    Quarterback Tom Brady scored on a 6-yard scramble that drew the Patriots to 13-10 with 7:52 remaining and then directed the eight-play drive that resulted in Vinatieri's tying field goal with 27 seconds left in regulation.

    That drive included a controversial play on which the initial ruling -- that Brady fumbled and the Raiders recovered -- was overturned. After a review, the officials ruled that Brady was in the act of throwing, so it was an incomplete pass and New England kept the ball at Oakland's 42.

    ''His interpretation is the only one that matters,'' Gruden said. ''The Raiders have to live with it.''

    The Patriots moved to the Oakland 29, and after three consecutive incompletions, Vinatieri tied the game.

    ''You can't get any tougher than that kick in four inches of snow,'' Belichick said. ''We didn't have a choice. It was our only shot.''

    In the overtime drive, Brady, who completed 26 of 39 passes for 238 yards after halftime, completed six passes in a row and moved the Patriots to the 5. The entire offense acted as a human plow, chipping at the snow with cleats to clear a spot for Vinatieri's winning kick.


    Photo Gallery: The Snow Bowl |

    Patriots Snow Bowl Highlights

    2001 AFC Divisional Round: Raiders vs Patriots | NFL Full Game
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    hells yes ... I was there, section 12 row 6 ... it was truly a magical evening

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    Today In Patriots History
    Johnny, Junior and more

    Happy 59th birthday to Johnny Rembert
    Born Jan 19, 1961 in Hollandale, Mississippi
    Patriot ILB, 1983-1992; uniform #52
    Pats 4th round (101st overall) selection of the 1983 draft, from Clemson

    John Lee Rembert played in 126 regular season games and five playoff games in his NFL career, all with the Patriots. He had 16 sacks, 11 fumble recoveries and seven interceptions.

    Rembert was named to the 1988 and 1989 Pro Bowl, and is a member of the Patriots All-Decade Team of the 1980s.

    Catching up with Johnny Rembert | Boston Globe

    He was as dependable as they come playing linebacker for the New England Patriots. A steady player, Johnny Rembert enjoyed ten seasons (1983-92) with the Patriots. His best seasons came in 1988 and 1989 when he earned Pro Bowl Honors. “My experience there (New England) was great,” said Rembert. “When I first got there it was a team full of veterans. We had a wonderful group and learned a whole lot from Steve Nelson and Don Blackmon – the linebackers crop.”

    Rembert was an integral part of the 1985 Patriots team, which was the first Patriots team to win the AFC Championship and play in the Super Bowl. However, in the end, New England fell hard to the Chicago Bears 46-10 in Super Bowl XX. Still, it was a season Rembert will never forget. “The Super Bowl year was a very special year and have dreams about it,” said Rembert. “I knew we had a really good football team. It was a wonderful feeling, a wonderful journey and it was a wonderful ride. Going down to Miami and even though we hadn’t won there in a long time, we just knew. We were ready and prepared for that game. Going down there and beating them to go to the Super Bowl is a memory I will never forget and being a part of carrying Raymond Berry off the field.”

    Johnny Rembert sacks Steeler QB Bubby Brister on October 19, 1986.
    The Patriots shut Pittsburgh out by the score of 34-0 at Three Rivers Stadium.


    Happy birthday to Junior Seau (1969-2012), who would have been 51 today
    Born Jan 19, 1969 in San Diego
    Patriot LB, 2006-2009; uniform #55
    Signed by the Patriots as a free agent on August 18, 2006

    Junior Seau played in 38 regular season and four playoff games with Patriots. He was named to the Pro Bowl 12 times, and was a six-time All Pro. Seau was the 1994 Walter Payton Man of the Year. He was elected into the.Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

    Reflections on Junior Seau from Robert Kraft

    Junior Seau Highlights

    Happy 55th birthday to Ricky Reynolds
    Born January 19, 1965 in Sacramento
    Patriot CB, 1994-1996; uniform #21
    Signed by the Patriots as a free agent on April 11, 1994

    Reynolds played in 42 regular season games and one playoff game with Pats. During that time had six interceptions, four fumble recoveries, 4.5 sacks and one touchdown. Overall Reynolds played in 147 NFL games, with 23 interceptions.

    Reynolds loses bet but makes history | Sun Sentinel

    Patriots Lure Bucs' Reynolds | Orlando Sentinel

    Ricky Reynolds | Orlando Sentinel


    Happy birthday to Lester Williams (1959-2017), who would have been 61 today
    Born Jan 19, 1959 in Miami
    Patriot NT, 1982-1985; uniform #72
    Pats first round (27th overall) selection of the 1982 draft, from Miami

    Lester Williams played in 40 regular season games plus five playoff games for New England, with 39 solo tackles, 60 assists, five sacks, three fumble recoveries and five passes defensed.

    Rookie Dan Marino scrambles to get away from Lester Williams on November 13, 1983. The Patriot defense limited the Miami QB to 141 yards and 14-37 passing to upset the Dolphins at Foxboro Stadium, winning 17-6.

    Former Patriot NT Lester Williams Passed away |

    The second of the Patriots' two first-round draft picks (27th overall) in the 1982 NFL Draft, Williams quickly established himself as a mainstay on the defensive front, starting all nine games during his NFL strike-shortened rookie year. The University of Miami product was a part of an impactful Patriots draft class that included the No. 1 overall pick, defensive end Kenneth Sims, running back Robert Weathers (second round), Patriots and Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Andre Tippett (second round), guard Darryl Haley (second round), wide receiver Cedric Jones (third round), linebacker Clayton Weishuhn (third round) and free safety Fred Marion (fifth round), a fellow All-American with Williams at Miami.

    "I am very proud to be part of the 1982 draft class, and having Lester Williams as a part of that class made playing defense a lot more fun," said Tippett. "As a nose tackle, Lester was a key to our success in the 3-4 defense. I remember how frustrated opposing centers became playing against him. He anchored the line for us and was a great teammate to play alongside.

    Happy 75th birthday to Bobby Leo
    Born Jan 19, 1945 in Everett
    Patriot RB/KR/PR 1967-1968; uniform #24
    Pats 7th round (180th overall) selection of the 1967 draft, from Harvard

    Alumni Bio - Bobby Leo |

    In his first game against the Buffalo Bills at Fenway Park on national television, Bobby returned a punt for 70 yards and caught a pass from Vito “Babe” Parilli for a 26-yard touchdown.

    In 1993 Bobby was selected to the Harvard College Football Hall of Fame, and in 1999 he was named 3rd out of the Boston Globe’s top ten all-time schoolboy football players from Massachusetts

    Pats at Fenway 1967

    Bobby Leo High School Reunion

    1966 Harvard Highlights

    Happy 30th birthday to Jonathan Cooper
    Born January 19, 1990 in Wilmington NC
    Pats guard, 2016; uniform #65
    Acquired March 15, 2016 from Arizona

    The Pats received Cooper and the 61st overall pick in exchange for Chandler Jones, who was close to becoming a free agent - and had a bizarre shirtless incident at Foxboro police station days before a playoff game two months earlier. New England then traded 2.61 to the Saints for a third (#78 overall, Joe Thuney) and fourth (#112, Malcolm Mitchell).

    The Patriots waived Cooper on October 8, 2016; he never played a single down with the Pats.

    Jonathan Cooper Cut By Patriots Before Making New England Debut - NESN

    The Jonathan Cooper era in New England has ended before it truly could begin.

    The Patriots on Saturday released Cooper, a source told ESPN’s Field Yates. The 26-year-old guard had yet to appear in a game for New England as he continued to recover from a foot injury suffered during the first week of training camp.

    In a corresponding move, the Patriots signed defensive lineman Woodrow Hamilton off their practice squad, a source told’s Doug Kyed. Hamilton will shore up the team’s defensive front, which lacked depth entering Sunday’s matchup with the Cleveland Browns.

    Cooper’s reported release came three days after he was removed from the Patriots’ injury report for the first time this season. He had been listed as a limited participant in practice until Wednesday.

    Two other pro football players with New England connections born on this date:

    Frank Hubbell (1922 - 2005)
    Born and raised in Bridgeport CT
    Played end and defensive end for the Rams in the 1940s.

    Frank Trigilio (1919 - 1992)
    University of Vermont
    Was a fullback for the Los Angeles Dons and Miami Seahawks in the AAFC.

    January 19, 1990:
    Patriots release former number one draft pick Kenneth Sims.

    Sunday January 19, 2014 at 3:00
    2013 AFC Championship at Sports Authority Field
    Denver Broncos 26, New England Patriots 16
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, John Fox
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
    Odds: Broncos favored by 5

    Patriots finish 13-5
    Denver improves to 15-3; faces Seattle in Super Bowl 48

    The Patriots were without Gronk for most of the 2013 season. He had multiple issues following surgery on a broken arm and subsequent infection, then tore his ACL and MCL on a cheap shot by TJ Ward in December. This was also the first season without Wes Welker, and missing those two for this game was a major factor. The Denver defense shut down the Patriot running game; LeGarrette Blount had five carries for six yards and Stevan Ridley had 17 yards on five attempts. Those two were rarely on the field after the first couple of drives, logging just 18 snaps between the two of them.

    With Gronk and Welker gone the cupboard was bare for weapons in the passing game. Other than Julius Edelman and Shane Vereen, the passing options consisted of Austin Collie and Aaron Dobson at receiver and Michael Hoomanawanui and Matthew Mulligan at tight end. Danny Amendola was on the field for 41 snaps, but had the same number of pass targets (1) and receptions (0) as Matthew Slater.

    The primary issue was not the Patriot offense though; the Denver offense dominated the Pats defense. On their first possession the Broncos went 37 yards in seven plays before having to punt. They scored on every possession thereafter, other than running out the clock to end the game. The New England defense was unable to come up with a turnover or a sack, with only three tackles for a loss. Denver was rarely faced with third and long (or third down of any length), rolling up 507 yards of total offense. The Broncos took a page from Bill Belichick's playbook, kicking a field goal to end the first half and then receiving the ball and scoring a touchdown to start the second half. That gave Denver a 20-3 lead.

    On the ensuing drive a 2nd-and-2 at the Denver 28 turned into a 4th-and-3. It was apparent New England needed touchdowns, not field goals - but with his receivers unable to get open Brady was sacked. The Pats finally scored touchdowns on their next two possessions but Denver added two more field goals for the final score.

    Key Stat I: First Downs
    Broncos 27, Patriots 19

    Key Stat II: Plays from scrimmage / Time of Possession
    Broncos: 71 plays from scrimmage, 35:44 TOP
    Patriots: 54 plays from scrimmage, 24:16 TOP

    AFC Championship Final: Broncos 26, Patriots 16

    Photo Gallery and Game Recap -

    Broncos 26, Patriots 16 - Chicago Tribune
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    Today in Patriots History
    Tomlinson Pouts on Bench in AFCCG

    Sunday January 20, 2008 at 3:00
    2007 AFC Championship Game at Gillette
    New England Patriots 21, San Diego Chargers 12
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, Norv Turner
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers
    Odds: New England favored by 14

    Pats improve to 18-0; advance to Super Bowl 42
    Chargers finish 13-6

    Key Stats:
    Third Down: Patriots 7-13; Chargers 3-12
    Laurence Maroney: 25 carries, 122 yards, 1 TD
    Kevin Faulk: 9 touches for 90 yards; 8 receptions on 8 targets for 82 yards
    Wes Welker: 7 receptions on 9 targets, 56 yards, 1 TD
    Ellis Hobbs: Team-high 8 tackles (7 solo) and one interception

    The game began slowly, with five short drives ending in a punt for the two offenses. On the first play of the third Patriot possession Quentin Jammer intercepted a deep pass on the right intended for Donte Stallworth. Four plays later San Diego had a first-and-goal at the nine, but the defense stiffened and held the Chargers to a field goal.

    On the next drive Tom Brady completed five of six passes, using quick, short routes and screens to neutralize edge pass rushers Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips. Randy Moss ran for 14 yards on an end around and Kevin Faulk had three catches for 25 yards in the drive. Laurence Maroney's one-yard run gave the Patriots a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter.

    San Diego moved the ball quickly on the next possession, with 6'5 Vincent Jackson catching passes of 15, 16 and 21 yards. Again the Patriot red zone defense held their ground, limiting the Chargers to a field goal after another first-and-goal at the nine yard line.

    The Patriots were forced to punt again, with San Diego taking over on their own four yard line. Asante Samuel intercepted a pass and Pats took over on the Charger 24 yard line. Brady completed a pair of 12 yards passes, to Kevin Faulk and Jabar Gaffney, and New England led 14-6.

    Ellis Hobbs ended the next Charger possession with an interception, but the Patriots went three and out. With 1:46 left in the half the Patriots focused on defending deep passes and the sideline; Darren Sproles ran up the middle twice for 34 yards to put the Chargers in position for their third field goal just before time expired.

    The first possession of the second half ended with another pass intended for Stallworth being intercepted. Passes from Rivers to Jackson put the Chargers in the red zone again, but on third-and-one from the four Junior Seau stood up Michael Turner for a loss of two. A fourth field goal by Nate Kaeding made the score 14-12.

    Laurence Maroney ran for 18, 11, six and four yards on the next drive to give the Patriots a first and goal. On third and two Brady was picked off again. Rather than go down in the end zone to give San Diego the ball at the 20, Antonio Cromartie attempted to run the ball out, despite being in the middle of the end zone and surrounded by bodies.

    For the second time the Chargers were forced to start a drive from their own four yard line. Five plays later San Diego was forced to punt, and the Pats had the ball in good field position. Laurence Maroney's 20 yard run set up a six yard touchdown pass to Wes Welker, and the Pats led 21-12 with 12:16 left to play in the fourth quarter.

    San Diego moved into Patriot territory on the ensuing drive, but was again forced to punt. From there it was all Maroney and Faulk as the Pats held the ball for the final nine minutes and 13 seconds. The Patriots simply kept the San Diego offense on the bench in the second half, with their final three drives going for 65 yards, 67 yards and 65 yards - and consuming a combined 19:10 off the clock. The Chargers had the ball just three times in the second half - a field goal and two punts - for a mere eight minutes and 22 seconds.


    Perfect Patriots beat San Diego 21-12 in AFCCG - NY Daily News

    Tomlinson carried on the first two San Diego plays, and did not touch the ball again because of a bad knee. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers hung in despite a bum knee and star tight end Antonio Gates did his best with a dislocated toe.

    The Chargers (13-6) gave a better performance than early this season, when they were routed 38-14 at New England. They trailed just 14-12 midway in the third quarter this time, but Brady's 6-yard TD pass to Wes Welker was enough for New England.

    Maroney ran for 122 yards to help hold the lead.

    In stark comparison to Tomlinson, Philip Rivers played this game on a torn ACL.

    Chargers vs Patriots Game Summary - ESPN

    NFL Playoffs - 2007 AFC Championship - ESPN Archives

    Patriots 21, Chargers 12 (Live Blog) - The Fifth Down

    Looking Back: Hurt of '07 Championship Immense for Lady T, Chargers, San Diego - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    NFL Films Encore: 2007 AFC Championship Game - NFL Videos

    Remember that Game When Philip Rivers Played on a Torn ACL? [2:26]

    2007 Chargers at Patriots AFC Championship Highlights [8:31]

    Sunday January 20, 2013 at 6:40
    2012 AFC Championship Game at Gillette
    Baltimore Ravens 28, New England Patriots 13
    Head Coaches: Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh
    Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Joe Flacco
    Odds: New England favored by 7

    Patriots finish 13-5
    Ravens improve to 13-6, advance to Super Bowl 47 vs SF

    The Patriots led 13-7 at halftime but were unable to score again. Baltimore's first drive of the second half stalled after only one first down, and after a punt New England took possession at their own 9-yard line. The Pats drove to the Raven 36 yard line, but could only pick up two more yards. Rather than attempt a 52 yard field goal on a windy day, the Patriots punted.

    Baltimore drove 87 yards on ten plays to take a 14-13 lead. The Pats went 3-and-out, and the Ravens scored again - on another ten play drive, this one finishing on the first play of the fourth quarter.

    On the ensuing drive old nemesis Bernard Pollard forced a Stevan Ridley fumble, and Baltimore recovered. Four plays later the Ravens were in the end zone to make the score 28-13. The Patriots responded, advancing to a first down at the Baltimore 25 on a pass to Deion Branch. The Pats were faced with a 4th-and-4 from the 19 yard line and down by 15 with 8:35 to play. A field goal would not help; the Patriots would be down by 12, and therefore still need to score two touchdowns. Brady's pass to Branch fell incomplete, and for all intents and purposes the game was over.

    The Patriots were without Rob Gronkowski after he reportedly broke his forearm the previous week against Houston, blocking on an extra point when up by 35 points. The Pats were led offensively by Wes Welker (8 receptions for 117 yards and one touchdown) and Aaron Hernandez (9 receptions for 83 yards). Anquan Boldin had two fourth quarter touchdown receptions for Baltimore.
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