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If you own any game system, PC games, this is the thread!

Do you own a PS4? Xbox One? Nintendo Switch?

What games do you play?

Review games and talk about games!


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Not a gamer really. I tend to just play one game at a time and play it over and over and they tend to be multiplayers.

I play League of Legends right now and it is pretty fun but annoying at times due to how little you can control the outcome by yourself unless you are really good at it or playing bad players.

As for a review... League is a 5v5 game with PvP or PvCpus. Generally there are very few formats to play which is a bit of a weakness but it does offer a lot of variety within the format as styles you can play and roles you can play. Also it is free to download and play so if you can an internet connection you can pick it up. You can use money to unlock certain features and characters faster but they unlock as you play and honestly it isn't an issue cause the time to really learn how to use a character well is longer than the time it takes to unlock the next. I have several characters i unlocked i have yet to really sink my teeth into and i never paid for anything on the game.

It is a bit hard to pick up and enjoy instantly. I picked it up and put it down a few times before i really got into it. Also at this point if you try to get into it most people you will be playing against if you choose to play against people are seasoned veterans of multiple years so you will likely have a tough time playing them for a while. However if you put your mind to it you can get to a certain level where you are one of the better players about 6 months to a year if you take time to really learn the game and accept and correct your mistakes.

Once you start to learn about the game and get semi-competent you find a MASSIVE depth to it though. That is what keeps me coming back.

For instance if you want to main 1 part of the game (lets say you want to main "top lane" which is one of the role options you can play) there is a fairly easy to understand start point to it but tons of information and little tricks you can read about and execute if inclined.

For instance if you want to learn "top lane" there are about 25 standard characters played in that lanes and about 15 others that while maybe not their usually job COULD be used there. That is nearly 400 possible match ups and about 150 more conventional ones. Who matches up well vs who? When is one character stronger than the other at which point? Should i change the usually items i get vs this character? What about the "jungle" (A character that roams around while others stay in lanes). How much does that change things.

You can't possibly calculate it all for sure but as you play more you get a feel of what do to do and learn how to take more and more advantage of things. On the whole i never get bored of it and if i do i simply change things up and try a new character I don't know in a role I play less often. On the whole i give the game a 8/10 losing 1 point for the learning curve (particularly if you never played any game like it... it takes a while to understand what is going on and why you seem to suck so much compared to everyone else) and losing 1 point for just not having any particularly transcendent feature. Still the replay ability of it is amazing. Tend to play 1 game of it a day (takes 30-45 minutes for a single game of it to conclude) and i still come back the next day mostly but i do skip some.