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This Is Why a Full Back Is Necessary

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Dec 12th
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TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
Wait. “Everybody“ said power football was done. This is the age of the deep pass. :rolleyes:

I guess they forgot about the 2018 SB.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
He’s smart and can communicate like the all pro he once was, but who is his understudy, esp if this is his last year as I suspect? But his effort has been lacking—not just on that one play.

Captain Stone says he’s stealing money with his big contract but small effort. It looks as though Captain Stone is insightful.

That’s why not drafting an elite athlete to be his understudy who is also versatile and smart may very well prove to have been a costly mistake. I think Dax Hill, who is being groomed in Cincinnati, is a missed opportunity.

Guards are easier to find.
So are you Captain Stone's burner account? :rofl: