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The Season Finale of Deflategate

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Nov 28th

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Perhaps it's more accurately described instead of anger or a grudge, as accepting, dealing with and not forgetting reality.

Let's face it. Tom was treated like he was a drug-busted and addicted, character liability locker room cancer loser. Bill admits that he blew it too, he should have drafted Tom earlier.

We can try to pretty up the words all we want, in a vain and futile effort to pretend that "talking it out" or "not holding a grudge" somehow solves anything. It doesn't, and history's pretty damned clear on that. For example, Brady can insist that he has no problem with Goodell all he wants, but we've all seen the pictures, and we all know better than to believe him.

We get past things when we decide that what was once hurtful/annoying is now not worth any mental effort, not when we've talked about it, or proclaimed some lack of a grudge.

Or, to put it another way: Any man who's lived with a woman for any amount of time knows damned well that the time he called her shoes/nose/mother/etc... ugly/fat/stupid/etc... is going to keep coming up, no matter how often the woman insists it wasn't important, there's no anger there, and it's all in the past, and no matter how often it gets talked out.
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Hahahahaha!!! We are SO much alike!

Hey, I know I said it's wrong to hold onto a grudge, but I didn't say it's easy to let them go

The last SB pretty much took care of my grudge. But like you, one of the things that really disturbs me are people that think they're special and/or above "common folk"
Perhaps we need to differentiate between holding a grudge, and choosing not to poke your hand into the shark's mouth the next time.

GoodellGate II occurred largely because after GoodellGate I, and seven months of unprecedented abuse and denigration where the Patriots franchise was, as always unjustly, lustily raked over the coals and dragged through the mud, Kraft stood in front of his fellow owners and coaches and...

...tearfully apologized.

It brings to mind a vision of Jews kneeling to Hitler, begging for forgiveness and yes, everything was all their fault and all that anti-semitic propaganda was all true and the Jews embarrassed Germany...

We were winning the god damned Super Bowl anyway, but the anti-Patriots morons crowed the whole time about bullsh*t, in an attempt to affect our enjoyment.

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Roger Goodell is a despicable walking piece of ****. I hate him and those who are like him. We as a society have tolerated these bags of garbage in positions of power throughout our nation for far too long.
You may be being too kind...the upshot of the higher court's ruling overruling Berman is this:

The chosen authority (Goodell) in the organization has complete power to impose decisions and discipline as he sees fit, with zero limitation regarding subjects' rights as citizens and human beings.

In other words, Brady plays for a team that has been the recipient of corrupt, malevolent and criminal league bias and disparagement since the 1970 merger, which was directed at the American Football League during the prior decade of the sixties; Tom said some true things in a league-mandated postgame press conference that offended his opponent's coach because it accurately exposed him as a moron; but Goodell might just as well have inflicted punishments against the team and Tom due to his race, were he African-American.

Right. Of course Tom Brady's civil rights were violated.

So the question is, where was all this well-placed hatred in '07-'08, when a lot of it was directed at Mangini and Tomase etc? Because most fans believed that Belichick actually did something? Debunking the Felger stupidity, the single thing Goodell could scrounge up that he could pretend the Patriots did which violated any rule was for him to subjectively opine that our cameras were in an "unauthorized location".

Something that barely warranted a phone call, for which Goodell punished the team and the coach as though they had committed bloody murder right out on the field. It took years for objective people to figure out that it was nonsense and that our draft pick was stolen.

GoodellGate I: barely an infraction...

GoodellGate II: no infraction at all, including no failure to cooperate in the investigation.

What Goodell did in September of '07 is unforgivable, and he is as acknowledging and apologetic about that as Ben Dreith is about the game played on December 18, 1976. "DeflateGate" or "DefameGate" did exactly nothing to affect my opinion of him. Zero. He simply repeated himself. How long before the next one?


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The OP is entitled to his/her opinion. That's the thing about opinions, they are just like a**holes.....everyone's got one.

F**k the Clown :mad: is my personal opinion on the epistle written by OP.

(Interesting to see if Message No 2 appears)

You're assuming the OP is a person and not a gigantic, oozing pile of steaming dog excrement.

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