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The scheduling gods have given the Pats a lot of extra rest/preparation time at the right time

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Playing both Bills games in December rather than September is a blessing.
Looks that way now. But... it's a mind-blower, but we don't know how the Patriots play in winter anymore. Not these Patriots.

nah we'll be fine.



captain stone

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It's nice that it worked out that way but having a bye this late is never good. Ideally, you want it in the middle of the season, not at the end.

The Bucs had a late bye last year and went from an inconsistent team to never losing a game again after the bye. So saying a late bye is never good is wrong. The Bucs may not have won that Super Bowl without the bye being late.

For a rookie QB, RB, and DT who take up such a large percentage of snaps and production, it’s the perfect bye week.

Yeah the late bye week this year could've sucked if we had been battling injuries throughout the season; but so far so good regarding those, especially in comparison to some of our opponents... If we can just survive these next two games and go no worse than 1-1, then we should be in as good a shape as can reasonably be expected for the final 4 games...