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Finished watching this two days ago... 7 or 8 episode mini series on Netflix...

Thankfully, its not about the english monarchy, which seems to be all the rage these days... i'll pass on that siht tyvm... This one is about Chess, more particuarly, about an orphaned chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, that ranges from her at a young age all the way to adulthood, set in the 50's and 60's

The actors fit their roles, and the roles are well acted across the board... the story has a way of keeping you engaged, while flirting with all all sorts of issues... Overall, this is a good watch, albeit, kinda shallow... the writers/producers touch on a lot of little things, but for the most part, its a brief and casual flirtation thats lost to the central story... they elide over some of the character flaws of the protagonist, and imo treat addiction cavalierly, but with that said, i would rate this 9/10...

If you enjoyed Searching for Bobby Fisher, then you will like this one...
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Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
I’m on Episode 5 right now. It’s of the better mini-series I’ve seen. Many awards should follow.

Honestly think they did themselves a disservice with the title. I knew it was about chess but thought it was associated with the monarchy and royal stuff, too, since so many other Brit shows on Netflix are.
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Excellent series. We watched it a few months back.


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Wife's friends are raving about it, so it's on the (never ending) list. Thanks for the brief synopsis as I see all these British shows (besides the baking one) and assume it's about the monarchy and don't bother to read up on it.

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Have seen like 4 eps, decided to take a break and see what "The Good Place" is about, 4 seasons later, ready for more Queen's Gambit...


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Lead actress was perfect for Queen's Gambit.

I did the same thing with Good Place, had no idea what this was but for some reason binged everything over a week.


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Good show. Seems like a lifetime ago. Did you know there's already a second tiger king. That's how I remember about when covid lockdowns started