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We've got two dogs and a cat, and do a lot of fostering. In December, we brought in a momma and her three brand new puppies for foster, as her owner couldn't handle all that. Momma is back home, and one of the pups is adopted. I'm in the kitchen right now with the two that are left, just having gotten them to sleep after breakfast and an hour of furious play. We'll have them about another week.

Puppies are a great antidote to COVID fatigue of all kinds.

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It is so funny to see such photos. Thanks for sharing. I also have a dog and I love to see him do different fun things that makes me feel so good. I became very attached to him and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him and I always try to do everything I can to be able to fulfill him. The other day I went with him to the vet for some trivial checks to make sure everything is fine. I found out there that the best dog food is brown bones and I started ordering them and I see that he really likes it. I hope to see him happy with me for as long as possible.
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