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Game Day Thread The Official Preseason Week 1 Game That I’ll Turn Off After the Starters Are Pulled Game Thread

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Pick Results: NE: 82.5% at BUF: 17.5%

Dec 6th

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It is was a pre season game. I don't know what the Pat's coaches wanted in each play so it is difficult for me to determine who was good and who was bad in most cases. Hats off to Stevenson. He looked good. IMO I was impressed with Mac Jones; I was surprised how soon BB put Jones in the game. Cam Newton did not impress, period; I expected more. N.Harry, was he in this game? Of course, he was; he didn't show anything positive?

On to Philly to play the Eagles.

Take care of your family and friends Pats fans get vaccinated and wear a mask. Yes, I care.

Bill Lee

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Typically this is a bunch of college kids from NY who end up going to school in Boston and can't help but troll:


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Some days, a team may have interest; the next day, they may not; and the day, they might have interest (again). So it’s a little different than you can ever imagine. It’s a lot of worrying what’s going to be next and where you’re going to be at next.”
Which is not what you said.

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Yes I did. Teams couldn’t make up their minds so he signed with the Pats.

Let’s not argue for the sake of arguing.
You said the market for his services was bone dry.
You disproved that. Agree don’t argue when you proved your own statement wrong with your follow up statement.
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