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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Saints)

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:
The Good
  • Barmore continues to play well.
  • Bentley once again impressed. Getting the green dot off his helmet may be the best thing for him.
  • Judon showed what he can do as a pass rusher. He has an explosive first step and can really make things uncomfortable for the QB. Saw he was off the field a couple times on 3rd and long which surprised me a bit
  • Godchaux is a nice surprise for the DL. He seemed to get a good push up the middle and played the run well.’
  • Did I miss anything? There wasn’t much to put here.
  • The Carleton Knights improved their record to 3-0 by defeating the Hamilin University Pipers 35-7. The OL was incredible, opening holes for a run game and pass game. Johnny Stapleton continues his hot streak with 206 yards and 4 TDs in just 3 quarters. Ben almost had a punt block in the end zone and then almost had a safety on another punt in the end zone, After a dropped snap, he wrapped up the scrambling punter who got off a weak, wobbly kick, setting up the Knights at the Hamline 25.
  • 1 more non-Pats related thing. Carleton is now ranked #1 in the nation in scoring defense for D-III schools, allowing less than 7 points per game.
The Bad
  • Let’s make this clear, we lost the game, NO did not win. Key penalties (4th and 1 anyone?), a blocked punt, a kickoff out of bounds, missed coverage on the first TD, lack of tackling. It was a bad performance.
  • The OL needs help. Mac was under pressure all game. He had no time to do anything. For a young QB who must worry about a constant pass rush, he can’t focus on his receivers, so he makes mistakes. No adjustment during the game.
  • Losing James White is a huge blow. He is so dynamic and such a key player on this team. Leader in the locker room and on the field.
  • Bolden is not the answer as 3rd down back. Yes, he is the best pass blocker, but he has no wiggle in the run game, hands aren’t that great, slow in the open field, and goes down too easily. This should be a spot for JJ Taylor. Much more dynamic player.
  • All 3 picks were not Mac’s fault. The first was when he was hit while throwing, the second was all on Jonnu dropping it. The third was on Mac but trying to force the ball when down 2 scores with no time left gets a pass in my book.
  • The D played well all game but couldn’t get a stop when we needed it. That last drive sucked up nearly 7 minutes and put the game out of reach.
  • Our run game was non-existent. We didn’t even try to move the ball on the ground but with no holes for the RBs and a swarming D, I can see why.
  • The Winston TD pass over J Jones. That play should have been a sack, or a pick or at the very least, an incompletion. Jones has no hops.
The Ugly
  • Jonnu Smith was a complete waste out there. On 3 consecutive plays he 1) dropped a pass that was intercepted for a pick 6, 2) dropped a pass that would have gone for a first down, 3) held on a long-ish run. 1 reception on 6 targets including another drop is not a good performance from the #1 TE.
  • The Dolphins attempted a WR screen pass in their own end zone, throwing the ball 3 yards deep. As expected, he was tackled immediately for a safety.
  • Detroit loses on a 66-yard FG (a new record) when the ball bounded off the cross bar and over. 6 inches farther away and that ball is short. Also, the refs clearly missed a delay of game penalty just before which would have made it an impossible kick
  • A couple hours before, a 65-yard attempt by Arizona was just short and the Jacksonville returner tied the record for longest play by returning the kick 109 yards for a TD.
  • SF took a lead with less than 40 seconds left in a game and then decided to not play any D, allowing A-a-ron to drive GB into FG range in just 2 completions. Prevent D only prevents you from winning.


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Bentley has played well this year but unfortunately I think he got hurt because he didn't play the second half. I think both the TE's are in the ugly to be honest. HH has been a non factor and Jonnu was a factor in the wrong direction.



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Disagree with the ops assertion that the Saints didn't win, that we lost.

We must have watched a different game. The offensive line was pushed around and beaten soundly. Mac was rushed and hit for most of the day.

The defensive line /front 7 didn't fare much better. There was a glimmer of hope but all too often the Saints were able to convert downs when needed. Kamara ran thru and around the defensive front all day. Winston had plenty of time, eliminating or severely limiting his ability to make bone headed plays.

Our special teams looked putrid throughout the entire game.

We were soundly trounced by a well prepared Saints team. The game wasn't as close as the score indicated, and the score wasn't exactly close.

The Pats can play better than that, and they need to if they want to keep playoff dreams alive.


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Good points but NO won the game they were more physical on both O/D lines don't discredit them other teams players get paid too.
100% agree
Blaming mistakes ignores how underwhelming this team has performed thru 3 weeks