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The GOAT has passed away

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Oct 2nd
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1960Pats Supporter Supporter
I'm surprised that I haven't seen any mention here of the passing of Bill Russell, the greatest basketball player of all time. Either that or I missed it.

RIP Bill and thanks for all of those great memories and titles.


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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
yup we haven't talked about this at all on the main board...

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Greetings from the Kona (western) side of the Big Island of Hawaii, where the family & I will be staying for the next two weeks…

Simply put, Bill Russell was the Greatest Winner in the Entire History of North American team sports, the likes of whom we will never, Ever see again; and thank you Red Aurbach for making one of the boldest and ultimately most successful trades in Celtics if not NBA history to bring him here in the first place…

I haven’t yet visited the main board, but I will be surprised and disappointed if there isn’t a thread about him there by now… I mean, this is Bill F Russell we’re talking about here! C’mon mods!