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The glass is very half full on this roster at this point

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Dec 6th

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mgteich Veteran Supporter
How many special-teams-only guys get kept? This seems an area for a surprise cut.

  • Folk or Nordin
  • Bailey (all star)
  • Cardona
  • Olszewski (all star) (as #4/5 WR)
  • Slater (as #5/6 WR) (the best evah)
  • Bethel (as #5 CB) (nearly = to Slater now)
  • Davis (as #5 S) ($2.1M guaranteed)
  • King (as #4 IL)
  • Virgin (as #6 CB)
  • Bolden (as #4/5 RB)
  • Wilkerson (as #4/5 WR)
"Surprise" depends on how many your expect us to keep. I expect 7-8.
I expect us to cut King, Virgin and Wilkerson.