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The Early Mock - Day One Edition

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I usually post this column-esque mock draft on the draft forum, but with the draft discussion beginning once again I thought it would be appropriate to post it in the main board.

The draft board gets a little bit neglected because it's not the main forum. For those interested in draft discussion, I encourage you to go check it out anyway, as there is a lot of discussion going on there about prospects for the Patriots.

Also, my weekly mock draft is posted over there, so yeah.

Here it is. For lazy readers like me, the Patriots picks are all in bold.

1 Oakland: JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU: Russell looks to be the next Byron Leftwich. I don’t think that this is a bad thing.
2 Detroit: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin: Thomas would give a lot of help to the Lions’ offensive line, and a good QB prospect can come in later rounds.
3 Cleveland: Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame: The Browns’ future is not in Charlie Frye, and Quinn could do well in a similar offensive system with the Browns.
4 Tampa Bay: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech: The best receiver in the draft, hands down.
5 Arizona: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson: I don’t care what the experts say. Gaines Adams is the best defensive end in the draft. Not Jamaal Anderson. Wherever he came from.
6 Washington: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas: And so he hits the top of the Redskins’ board. Again. I still don’t understand it.
7 New York Giants (from Minnesota): Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma: If Peterson falls all the way to the Vikings, I can’t see them missing this opportunity to get a ton of draft picks with the Giants, for whom Peterson will seamlessly fill in after Tiki’s retirement. Minnesota receives the Giants’ first-round pick and second-round picks in 2007 and 2008.
8 Houston: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan: And most of Houston begins to cry as they miss out on Peterson. However, Branch should be a huge improvement to their run defense.
9 Miami: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan: The second Michigan man of the draft is Hall, who should improve Miami’s secondary immediately.
10 Atlanta: LaRon Landry, SS, LSU: Landry is a gift to the Falcons, who need a safety badly.
11 San Francisco: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC: The 49ers could really use a receiver like Jarrett, whose deep threat will add a new dimension to the 49ers offense.
12 Buffalo: Patrick Willis, MLB, Ole Miss: If London Fletcher (-Baker) leaves in free agency, Willis will be needed to fill his hole.
13 St. Louis: Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville: The Rams need help on their defensive line, and Okoye is one of the most talented prospects on the line in the draft.
14 Carolina: Reggie Nelson, FS, Florida: The Panthers are looking for a safety to cover their defensive backfield, and Nelson has the skills to do so.
15 Pittsburgh: Justin Blalock, OG, Texas: Blalock should improve the inside of the Steelers line, who just suffered another loss with their center retiring.
16 Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB, California: The Packers are just glad no one pulled a New York Giants on them.
17 Jacksonville: Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State: Timmons’ speed would be a huge asset to the Jaguars on the outside.
18 Cincinnati: Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh: With recent arrests in the secondary of the Bengals and a desire for better performance in the defensive backfield, the Bengals update their secondary with new blood: Revis, out of Pittsburgh.
19 Tennessee: Ted Ginn, WR, Ohio State: Ginn will return kickoffs and catch passes for the Titans, who need serious help at wide receiver.
20 Minnesota (from New York Giants): Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State: Though McCauley is falling on most draft boards, the Vikings have enough leeway in the secondary to pick up this physical prospect in the first round.
21 Denver: Quinn Pit****, DT, Ohio State: Pit**** will give Denver a young presence up the middle that they have been lacking as of late.
22 Dallas: Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina: Excuse me? Though the Cowboys don’t have a need at wide receiver, Rice is the ideal developmental prospect to help learn how to be an NFL star at wide receiver (and with Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens as mentors, probably the obnoxious way).
23 Kansas City: Levi Brown, OT, Penn State: The Chiefs need youth on their line and Brown is an excellent offensive lineman, as well as great value at the 23rd pick.
24 New England (from Seattle): Quentin Moses, OLB, Georgia: Moses will play the outside linebacker position for the Patriots, where he could be extremely well-suited.
25 New York Jets: Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska: Until this pick stops making sense, the Jets will continue to make it on my mock. And it has only begun to make more and more sense after the Senior Bowl.
26 Philadelphia: Paul Pozluszny, OLB, Penn State: Pozluszny’s stock is falling, but the Eagles recognize a good defensive leader when they see one.
27 New Orleans: Daymeion Hughes, CB, California: The Saints need help in the secondary and Hughes should provide some of that help.
28 Tampa Bay (from New England): Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia: The Patriots don’t see any prospects that they like and trade down. They receive Tampa’s 2nd-round pick. Both teams swap 3rd-round picks. Johnson was a prospect that the Buccaneers liked for their defensive line and thought it was worth it to make sure they could get him.
29 Baltimore: Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma: If Adalius Thomas leaves, Alexander could be necessary to fill a hole on their defense.
30 San Diego: Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU: The Chargers could use this talented WR to add a new dimension to their offense.
31 Chicago: Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State: Miller will add a new target to the Bears offense that they really could have used on Sunday.
32 Indianapolis: Buster Davis, ILB, Florida State: Davis is a leader and a tough prospect that should fit well with the Colts’ Cover 2 defense.
33 Oakland: DeMarcus Tyler, DT, N.C. State: The Raiders will eventually need to replace Sapp in the middle, and the Raiders like this tough prospect as their next up-the-middle prospect.
34 Detroit: Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida: The Lions need a pass rush. The Lions need a lot of things.
35 New England (from Tampa Bay): Aaron Ross, CB, Texas: The Patriots are happy that they got a good value CB to add to their somewhat pathetic secondary.
36 Cleveland: LaMarr Woodley, OLB, Michigan: Woodley is a strong linebacker who should add a level of toughness to the Cleveland defensive front 7.
37 New York Jets (from Washington): Michael Bush, RB, Louisville: Bush could give the Jets a new power runner for tough running situations.
38 Arizona: Tony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas: Ugoh is a big power blocker who should give Edgerrin James somewhere to run this year.
39 Houston: Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami: This tough safety prospect from the U should give Houston’s secondary a vast improvement.
40 Miami: H.B. Blades, MLB, Pittsburgh: Blades will give the Dolphins a sharp (no pun intended) presence in the inside when Thomas decides to pack it in.
41 Minnesota: Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee: Meachem fell further than anyone expected, and the Vikings were happy to snatch him up early in the second round.
42 San Francisco: Michael Griffin, S, Texas: Griffin’s poor tackling form has taken him down a few notches in my book, but the 49ers think that he’ll do fine in their secondary.
43 Buffalo: Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas: The Bills could end up looking to fill a hole opened by a potential Nate Clements departure.
44 Atlanta: Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State: Gonzalez should give Atlanta another option for Michael Vick at WR.
45 Carolina: Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State: The Panthers hope that Smith will give them a new leader to depend on when Jake Delhomme takes off.
46 Pittsburgh: Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina: Bennett will give the Steelers a new option at cornerback, where they are lacking depth.
47 Green Bay: Steve Smith, WR, USC: The Packers hope that Smith and Greg Jennings will give Brett Favre’s successor two targets to throw to.
48 Jacksonville: Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State: The Jaguars want to be able to have the best quarterback possible start, and Stanton will add more competition for that position.
49 Cincinnati: Marcus Thomas, DT, Florida: The Bengals didn’t address their need at tackle in the first round, so they look to make an upgrade with Marcus Thomas.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
50 Tennessee: Tim Crowder, DE, Texas: Crowder has been rising on some draft boards, including Mel Kiper’s, and he would definitely add a powerful pass-rushing presence to their defensive line.
51 Minnesota (from New York Giants): Aaron Rouse, S, Virginia Tech: The Vikings add some depth to their secondary with this safety out of Virginia Tech.
52 St. Louis: Ray McDonald, DE, Florida: McDonald has been dropping some, but the Rams really want a good pass rushing DE in the second round.
53 Dallas: Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn: Grubbs is a tough guard prospect who should be a good fit with Dallas’ offensive line.
54 Kansas City: Aundrae Allison, WR, East Carolina: Allison is a tough WR with good possession skills whose name keeps being mentioned in relation to Senior Bowl practices.
55 Seattle: Josh Beekman, OG, Boston College: Beekman is a fantastic prospect with good blocking skills who will be an immediate improvement to Seattle’s offensive line.
56 Denver: Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse: Darrent Williams’ untimely death makes an unfortunate hole in Denver’s secondary.
57 Philadelphia: Eric Weddle, S, Utah: Weddle should help fill a hole at the strong safety spot that has been there since Michael Lewis’ play declined rapidly.
58 New Orleans: Brandon Siler, ILB, Florida: Siler makes an inexplicable fall to #58, where the Saints happily snatch him up.
59 New York Jets: Anthony Spencer, OLB, Purdue: Spencer’s elephant skills should give the Jets an upgrade at the outside linebacker position.
60 New England: David Harris, ILB, Michigan: Harris may or may not start immediately, but his size, speed, and leadership should give him a good position with the Patriots.
61 Baltimore: Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn: The Ravens hope that Irons can be their next Jamal Lewis.
62 San Diego: Stewart Bradley, OLB, Nebraska: Bradley is on the speedy rise, and his skills as an elephant prospect are getting renown. The Chargers could use him at the OLB position.
63 Chicago: Aaron Sears, OT, Tennessee: The Bears’ offensive line was terrible Sunday on the biggest stage of all, and Sears could be a huge upgrade.
64 Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis): Chris Leak, QB, Florida: The Buccaneers hope that Leak can lead them to a national championship, just like he did with Florida.
65 Oakland: Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan: The Raiders could use a better offensive line and Staley is definitely an ingredient to a better line.
66 Detroit: Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland: The Lions could use an upgrade at almost every position, and Wilson is one of the best players still available.
67 Cleveland: Lorenzo Booker, RB, Florida State: Booker, whose physical skills are top-notch, never really shined at the college level. However, Cleveland is in a position where they can take this type of player based solely on his physical ability.
68 New England (from Tampa Bay): Jason Hill, WR, Washington State: Hill’s tenacity and physical toughness will make him a good fit with the Patriots.
69 Arizona: Ryan Kalil, C, USC: Kalil is the best center in the draft and should provide at least good depth for the Cardinals.
70 Denver (from Washington): Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP: Higgins will be a good fit for Denver, who will likely have to deal with Rod Smith’s retirement in the coming years.
71 Miami: Dallas Baker, WR, Florida: The local prospect should fit well in Miami’s offensive style, and the Dolphins could use another wide receiver.
72 Minnesota: Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford: The Vikings select Edwards, a near-opposite of last year’s Tarvaris Jackson, as another candidate to lead their team at quarterback.
73 Houston: Darius Walker, RB, Notre Dame: Though Tony Hunt is ranked higher on my board, Houston would prefer Walker because of his cutting style and speedy play.
74 Buffalo: Doug Free, OT, Northern Illinois: Free is a massive offensive lineman with good blocking skills that should improve the Bills’ offensive line immediately.
75 Atlanta: Earl Everett, OLB, Florida: Everett should give much-needed depth to Atlanta’s linebacking corps.
76 San Francisco: Eric Wright, CB, UNLV: Wright is a speedy corner with good coverage skills who will definitely help out the 49ers’ pathetic secondary.
77 Pittsburgh: Tony Hunt, RB, Penn State: Hunt is a tough runner who should be a nice compliment to Willie Parker.
78 Green Bay: Tarrell Brown, CB, Texas: Aaron Ross’s partner in crime goes to the Packers, who could use help in their defensive secondary.
79 Jacksonville: Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE, Hawaii: IAK is a tough prospect ranked highly by some scouts, and Jacksonville could use depth and an upgrade at defensive end.
80 Tennessee: Travarous Bain, CB, Hampton: The Titans select a small-school prospect at cornerback whose stock is rising quickly.
81 New York Giants: Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame: Harris is a jack-of-all-trades type lineman with no real great traits, but the Giants think that he could upgrade their line anyway.
82 St. Louis: Craig Davis, WR, LSU: The Rams are soon going to be without Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce, and they have to be ready when that happens.
83 Carolina: Jonathan Abbate, ILB, Wake Forest: Abbate will add good depth to the Panthers’ linebacking corps.
84 Kansas City: Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech: The Chiefs continue their offensive line makeover with Ramirez, whose skill set is suitable for the Chiefs offense.
85 Seattle: Mkristo Bruce, DE, Washington State: If anyone knows how this name is pronounced, please let me know. Muh-kriss-to?
86 Denver: Paul Williams, WR, Fresno State: The Broncos like the looks of this quickly-rising prospect out of Fresno State to be Day 1’s second edition to their wide receiving corps.
87 Dallas: Josh Gattis, FS, Wake Forest: Gattis is a talented safety who should find a niche in Dallas’ defense.
88 New Orleans: Matt Spaeth, TE, Minnesota: The Saints have no tight end to speak of, and Spaeth should add some interest at the position.
89 New York Jets: David Irons, CB, Auburn: The Jets are looking for upgrades at CB, and Irons is the best one on the board.
90 Philadelphia: Mike Walker, WR, Central Florida: Walker is a physical prospect with no experience against tougher opponents: exactly why Philadelphia likes him.
91 Tampa Bay (from New England): Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee: After trading away Anthony McFarland, the Buccaneers are left without a presence in the middle. Harrell could become this presence.
92 Baltimore: Jared Zabransky, QB, Boise State: Zabransky plays a similar style to Steve McNair and should be a good fit for the Ravens’ offense once he is gone.
93 San Diego: Tony Franklin, S, Virginia: The Chargers safeties were atrocious against New England, and Franklin would be an upgrade at either position.
94 Chicago: Prescott Burgess, OLB, Michigan: Burgess is well-suited for the Bears’ Cover 2 defense and could have some impact immediately if Briggs leaves.
95 Indianapolis: Jarrett Hicks, WR, Texas Tech: The Super Bowl Champions end Day 1 with a system WR to go in their system, which also has many system WRs.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
The trade down is fine.... here's how I'd do it though....

24. B. Meriweather
35. M. Bush
60. J. Wilson
68. D. Free


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Why the F would the Pats draft a RB, injured or otherwise, in round 2???


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I have no problem taking Bush. but Moses is so over-rated for georgia and is not suited to play OLB IMO.

Harris is a two down LB, not a four down LB.


In the Starting Line-Up
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I was impressed with Moses pass rush in a couple regular season games but don't know the quality of the guy he was working against.

What is this comment about the Pats pathetic secondary? Samuels was pretty good, Hobbs wasn't bad, Sanders was coming on, starting safeties on IR, Hawkins solid contributor. We need more pass rush. If we could keep Samuels, I'm comfortable with the defensive secondary. Linebacking needs to improve but if Junior returns and plays as well as he did last year that would be fine also.

Patsfanin Philly

Pro Bowl Player
Why the F would the Pats draft a RB, injured or otherwise, in round 2???

The argument that I would make is that with the rise of the running back tandems, you draft him, basically sit him or Belichick red shirt him for a year and ease him in as Corey edges closer to retirement. If it's the second of the second round picks, after ILB,OLB and DB, I have no problem with that but I;m not drafting......


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
BB has drafted five lb's in his seven years. ZERO are under contract for next year. For LB I think we go to free agency. As to why Bush. Because he's the BPA available, because both Dillon and Faulk are inching towards retirement, because BB draft for the future, and that's a steal and a great pick.


On the Game Day Roster
the Pats will pick the highest rated player based on ranking not need- when you draft for need you tend to reach and make mistakes.

If they want to draft need it will be a year of trading of picks to move up and down


In the Starting Line-Up
egh on Moses, Honestly i see him as a huge bust with limited potential but others see him as a Willie McGinest type.

I would personally go Micahel Griffin at 24 because the Eagles are going to grab a safety and the Cincinnati pick is almost guranteed to be one of Paul Posluzny or Patrick Willis. They just lost Thurman for off field crap and then the other guy who injured his neck and now has to retire pretty much.


Pro Bowl Player
egh on Moses, Honestly i see him as a huge bust with limited potential but others see him as a Willie McGinest type.
I agree especially after the failed TBC experiment. I honestly believe the New England Patriots will either select a linebacker or free safety with the 24th pick overall.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Linebacking needs to improve but if Junior returns and plays as well as he did last year that would be fine also.

You are joking right? The Pats LB's are too slow. Colvin and Vrabel are the only legitimate starters. The Pats need to draft 2 lb's and pick up another in FA.

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
egh on Moses, Honestly i see him as a huge bust with limited potential but others see him as a Willie McGinest type.

I would personally go Micahel Griffin at 24 because the Eagles are going to grab a safety and the Cincinnati pick is almost guranteed to be one of Paul Posluzny or Patrick Willis. They just lost Thurman for off field crap and then the other guy who injured his neck and now has to retire pretty much.

Actually, David Pollard isn't necessarily done yet.

The Patriots will not go after a running back with a first day draft pick considering the lack of depth at cornerback, linebacker, and free safety.

Funny, the Pats needed some folks on D last year. . . . :rolleyes:


On the Game Day Roster
The lack of defensive depth cost the New England Patriots the AFC Championship Game. Or are you happy with Eric Alexander covering the Colts tight ends?
no but a Cato June could? and draft more responsibly instead of need get a talent that can be developed

LB for the patriots is a difficult position and very rarely will a rookie be able to understand it well enough to play it second nature like it is required - If they draft a LB I don't expect him to set in and play anyway
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