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Dec 6th

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This is why Chung was so valuable and vital. Nickel most of the time only works if the SS is elite at stopping the run in the box and can also cover TEs adequately. No coincidence all 6 rings were with elite SS play.

No doubt Chung was a huge impact but having a shut down CB helped as well.


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Early down Front against run heavier teams can be imo:
This would give us much beef and still 5 DB.


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On paper Pats D look like top 5 material.

I think BB will make sure the scheme is gonna be solid.

It's really gonna come down to playcalling on gamedays imo.

We saw the huge difference in playcalling when Flores took over for Fat Matt.


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No doubt Chung was a huge impact but having a shut down CB helped as well.

Absolutely, great point. All 6 rings also had an elite #1 CB too. Our best is when we play press man coverage, SS in the box, 1 FS deep. The worst was the Dean Pees defense, CBs 10 yards off the line of scrimmage and we couldn't get key 3rd down stops.


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If Barmore can provide an interior pass rush. Look out.

Heard Winovich talked to Ninko who suggested he try to getup to 250.

Also, don’t sleep on Raekwon McMillan. He’s my sleeper for a bounce back year. Will back-up Hightower and Van Noy along with Uche IMO,

Would like to see Barmore and 5 Lb’s on 3rd and long. Hightower, Van Noy, Judon, Uche and Winovich. Can blitz or drop from anywhere!
What am I missing about comment that Nink wants Wino to gain weight? He’s already over 250, no? Maybe he meant get bigger AND stronger to hold edge better.


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combined with the secondary which was already a strength we should see one of the better defenses since 2004, barring a Gilmore trade.
Never count out the inevitable:

Surprise camp cut
Surprise retirement
Free Agent that doesn't work out at all
Free agent that works out, but not to expectations

One, some, or all of these will be factors before the team hits the field for its first contest (and even through the first six or so games as well).

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Folks thought that this needed a lot work. Belichick agreed, and acted. Let's see what we have. Obviously, we can keep more or less than my guesses for the most likely to make (NOT locks). This isn't a way too early roster prediction. It is more of a status quo assessment. Lots can happen. However, I do think that we are in very good shape.
(5) DT/DE (excluding edge rushers)

(3) LB LOCKS (barring retirement); Hightower and Van Noy can play ILB or OLB
Van Noy




Thanks for putting this together. It's good to get an overview at this moment in time (lots of FA time left before camp)

What I see that I like the most when I look at this is COMPETITION and I don't just mean competition for snaps, I mean competition for ROSTER spots. When the get to camp, there are a LOT of players on this list who will be fight for their football careers (at lest in NE). This goes especially for all those DLmen listed. That was a LOT of names and every few roster spots. Same goes for the LB's

But here's the thing. What I see when I look at these names are a lot of players who are either position flexible, or are plug and play within specific schemes. There will be enough DLmen that Bill will be able to play some 3-4 with true 300lb DE's (or very close to that). Same goes for when he wants a 4 or 2 man front.

....and as far as Barmore goes, I'd be treating him like a rookie QB or WR. In games, if it were my call, he wouldn't see the field on a run down for the entire season. I'd spend this entire year working on his take off and refining his almost non-existent pass rush moves. Maybe in practice you start to work a bit on his run game techniques, but for the most part, I'd just work on what he does best now, and make it better. Show the kid some immediate success, rather than bury him with techniques and hope he digs his way out of it. He doesn't sound that the latter would be a good approach, to a great talent that you have to build from the ground up and keep him supervised and happy like a 3 year old.

Let him provide some inside push as a situational pass rusher get his 5 sacks and multiple hurries and hits. He has quick feet and should be effective running around in all those DL/LB stunts the Pats use to create a pass rush.

Finally, my one prognostication. Look to see Uche be used as an ILB. He has the speed and athleticism to be our Michah Parsons-lite.