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The Annual PatsFans Draft Contest, 2018

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
I have a much better track record with UDFA (my crowning achievement as a draftnik: I predicted double-digit players last year), but I've never gotten more than two in the draft contest. Worse, two is actually my peak. In most years I only get one right, and sometimes not even that! I'm skipping the consensus players this year, but only because there are about half a dozen players that everyone seems to agree on, and there's not much glory in getting them right if I'm just copying group think. In addition, I'm also skipping most of my binkies in a futile attempt at reverse psychology on a cosmic scale, or something ridiculous like that. It won't work, obviously, but here's my shot at cheating fate anyway.

In order of my how well I think they're a fit here:

  1. Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State. (I'm predicting a trade up, and it's absolutely worth it.)
  2. Peter Kalambayi, OLB/DE, Stanford (Disciplined, A+ scheme fit; traits > production.)
  3. Chad Thomas, DE, Miami (Sturdier version of Wise, but his ceiling is Seymour-lite.)
  4. Dane Cruikshank, S/CB, Arizona (Minkah-lite, Shank is less refined but more athletic.)
  5. Kemoko Turay, OLB/DE, Rutgers (Outstanding coverage. He takes McClellin's #58.)
  6. Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (Tantalizing talent who needs development.)
  7. Jullian Taylor, DT/DE, Temple (Yes, @patchick, the double L is correct.)
  8. Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas (Profiles favorably to Mayo; not as cerebral, but explosive.)

I wish I could do an honorable mention group to hedge my bets, because I passed over about a dozen players I think have a better chance of coming here, but that would be cheating. Instead, I'll just have to accept my inevitable failures and try not to cry too much when the Patriots don't draft any of my guys at all. ;)


In the Starting Line-Up
Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State
Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia
Rasheem Green, DE, USC
Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond
Luke Falk, QB, Washington State
Christian Sam, LB, Arizona State


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia
Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida Stats
Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
Da'Shawn Hand, DL, Alabama
Jullian Taylor, DL, Temple
Breeland Speaks, DL, Mississippi
Justin Reid, S, Stanford
Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn

Not trying to predict the Pats entire draft here. Just making a list of prospects from which the Pats seem likely (to me) to draft at least one.

--- Deliberately stayed away from QB and OL since there's so much smoke there.
--- Stayed away from prospects with whom the Pats have had no reported contact, even though I like them for the Pats (e.g., Isaiah Wynn).
--- Stayed away from prospects who seem unlikely to fall to #23 (e.g., Landry).
--- Stayed away from prospect who seem at least somewhat likely to be UDFA
--- Most importantly, I (mostly) stayed away from my own binkies to avoid cursing them.

long distance

Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
last year i guessed the double dips at edge and OL in my thread (and had my early binkie Wise drafted) - then took the all-injury list approach here (failed miserably esp. since half of Pats picks later actually did end on IR)

(i hope they learned their lesson that it is better to draft injured prospects bc at least they cannot get injured in preseason..)

i wanted to write something on prospects considered first rounders less than a year ago that are now nowhere to be found (or way down the draft). i don't have time for that now so i decided to dedicate this prediction to the fallen prospects (also inspired by Lombardi last night saying a GM has to check a year old mocks to check what happened with certain fallen players and be cautious w meteoric risers..; and later picks Roq.Smith as #1..;))

So here it is - The BIZARRO DRAFT

Bo Scarborough, RB, Alabama
Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin
Mason Cole, IOL, Michigan
Derrick Nnadi, DL, Florida St.
Tyquan Lewis, ED, Ohio St.
Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas
Jerome Baker, OLB, Ohio St.
Quin Blanding, S, Virgina

(possible UDFA: Shaun Dion Hamilton, Auden Tate, Tarvarus McFadden..)

//leaving out off-field cases like Arden Key..//

On the flip side - this was possible to mock just last summer..


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mrscruff Supporter Supporter
Justin Reid, S, Stanford
Fred Warner, LB, BYU
James Daniels, OC, Iowa
Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford
Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky
Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest
John Kelly, RB, Tennessee
Isaiah Wynn, OT, Georgia
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