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The 2013 season: The Jets suck (as usual)

2021 Patriots Season:
Upcoming Opponent:
Next Up: vs Jets
Pick Results: NYJ: 2% at NE: 98%

Oct 24th

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I thought all along Simm's kid looked like their best QB in the pre-season games I watched. Hopefully Rex remains dumb and keeps Geno in there long enough to destroy any confidence he has and completely emasculate him. Then he can put Simms in ther to win enough games that they don't get Clowney in the draft!!!


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Jeez, stop making it so easy, Jets fans: Guy wins a small penis pageant.

Although, if I'm honest, I like the guy.

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Not just a Jets fan but a Tebow jersey. Believe me, friends, sometimes you make your own luck ...:eek:

Actually it makes perfect sense he wears a Tebow jersey because neither one uses their "member" for its intended purpose.

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and then Santonio ripped off his outer skin to reveal his TRUE self...

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