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The 2012 season: the Jets [Mod Edit: STILL] suck

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Oct 24th

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
The great thing is that Sanchez is virtually uncuttable and untradable until 2014.


In the Starting Line-Up
Tebow threw 1 pass tonight, and it was an incompletion. He ended up with a higher NFL Passer rating than Sanchez.

Obviously they didn't want to win. In a 14 point game, that's a Tebow game. No way would Tebow turn over the ball 5 times. How Rex kept going back to Sanchez after interception 3, and 4 to end up with turnover #5 by way of lost fumble -after a gift that puts you at the 25 yard line-is beyond me.

Not to mention Sporano is an idiot. When yous see teams with guys like RG3, Wilson, Newton running double option, triple option, zone read, etc plays and having great success with it...he runs the same limited Wildcat plays every time Tebow is in there, it's just inexplicable to me.
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Sciz Supporter Supporter
New York Jets Salary Cap- Mark Sanchez

Looks like they can't really cut him next year. As a starter or backup he is going to eat $12M+ next year of cap space. Sanchez must have embarrassing photos of front office people to make them give an extension.
The extension that guaranteed next year's salary was to lower this year's cap hit, which was a bandaid move by the front office to make up for the other bad contracts on the team. The Jets are a mess right now, and they're not going to fix it until they tank a year to get those contracts off the books. Otherwise they're just making new problems to cover up old ones.

MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter
Woody told reporters tonight he will talk to them after the season...

Meanwhile, I imagine the comments will be coming from within fast and furious. In fact tonight Cromartie chose to check himself for now.

Conor Orr‏@ConorTOrr

Cromartie said he's not answering questions because he might "tell you all the truth"

Joker Supporter Supporter
and the truth is????

"I refuse to name baby #25 Mark...don't care what baby's momma 10 says...."
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