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Tell us which of the hundreds of players cut by Tuesday you want on the Pats...and why

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patfanken Supporter Supporter
There are going to be about 30 odd WRs cut by tomorrow. Rather than have 30 odd threads calling us to "sign the beast", we can have just one. /

BTW- Feel free to call for other positions too , though everyone here just LOVES to talk about WR's ;) Let us know who are your waiver wire Binkies.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Not John Simon. He was done last year, run defense was bad, plus too many bodies as it is at edge / LB now.

I don't know who would be out there but the Patriots defense is still missing 1 super-fat immovable nose tackle, for red zone and short yardage defense.


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Not John Simon.
Not sure why you’d even mention him as they have a ton of young guys. And yes, he was awful last year. Graded out as one of the worst players at his position and he was a massive liability.

Glad he’s gone.

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
OK El Predicto...LMAO

Thanks…I love it when my hunches are right.

I’ve been saying they should trade for Durant for weeks now, but it was all in Private Messages, and I just recently deleted them to save Ian some disk space. The members I told this to all lost their passwords.


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Well I can say with full honesty Yasir Durant would not of been on my Radar...satellite...telescope...rover...etc...