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TE Zach Ertz wants out of Philadelphia

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Dec 6th

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Another thread based solely on speculation about a potential player. Love it for the 5,000th time


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Ertz is getting cut, most likely with a post June 1 designation. The Iggles are in cap hell (currently $53 Million OVER), he is on the books for a 12 million cap hit this year. Cutting him saves them over $8 million in cap space.

IF they traded him, they would have more dead money and only half the cap savings.

Once he is cut, then you can see what he wants to sign.

Ertz is one of the cap casualties i had in mind this year. Alshon jeffery is another out of philly that should be available. For the right price these are the type of pickups we could feast on this offseason if were not going after the hunter henry’s.


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I would take ertz but what kind of draft capitol would it take? If we wait until he's released he won't come here and do we part with a 3rd rounder? Would they take that? I don't know. Can he be taught to block?


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Yeah, I thought I was all-in on the concept of a cheesesteak, until they pull out the Velveeta, Cheeze Wiz, or some other fake "cheese food" and smother the grease with it.
Obviously you don’t know the history of Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. It’s always been that way. Pat’s and Gino’s are the two famous Philly Cheesesteak restaurants, but I think they both are overrated. The pizzeria by where I lived in Philly for 6 months, had much better cheesesteaks. Had great pizza as well.

Outside of cheesesteak, Philly has amazing food. Was very impressed by their pizza and Italian food in general. NY is still king when it comes to pizza & Italian food, but Philly was pretty damned good.

I will say, that the 6 months I lived in Philly, I found the people to be the rudest people I ever met. They say NYers are rude, Philly definitely has NYers beat in that department by a lot.

As far as Ertz, I would love for him to be a Patriot, but we also need a QB who can throw, and one that throws to TEs (Jimmy G ?).


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Hunter Henry can't stay healthy.

Other than Kelce (who is a big wide receiver), I can't think of a good TE off the top of my head that CAN stay healthy. I feel like every one of them misses time at least every other season. Seems to be a hazard at that position, if you're going to be an actual two-way TE. I'm not saying Henry is the answer (need to see what he signs for wherever he goes), but if we're looking for a good TE who can catch AND block AND plays 16 games every year, we're going to be waiting a while. There just aren't that many star TE's in the league to begin with.

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Zach Ertz stating that he refuses to play for the Eagles is a PR move by he and his agent.

The Eagles are more than $53 million over the cap. He was going to be cut by Philly regardless, saving them more than $8.2 million in cap space. This statement is all about saving himself that embarrassment in a "you can't fire me, I quit" self brand promoting manner.

Philly could trade Ertz, but then their cap savings drop to $4.7 million. Any team trading for him picks up his contract ($12.5 million), and runs the risk of him being a one-year rental (he's a free agent in 2022).

All that diminishes his trade value immensely.
Cousin, that is what makes the cheese more binding......... BB has never been afraid to take a "rental" (think Revis) if he thinks this could be an integral part. Ossee and Nick did the Pats no favors with past Drafts and as we all can attest, were horrible at Drafting skill players.

Had a nice breakfast of Cinnamon French toast (like them a little thick and not well done....rare French toast?), real Vermont syrup, ham, orange juice and coffee (still working on that), whilest I consider on what my opinion (who cares) might be on Ertz.

So all of the posters girding your loins for battle for the Draft and a shiny new first round QB, I might think about a more typical drop down to a couple more picks on the D and my prediction (not worth much) as BB fills offense needs in FA. OR TRADES.

A few years ago another Eagles TE Trey Burton (mediocre) got a 4 year $32mm with $22mm guarantee to defect to the Bears (who have since cut him). Hunter Henrey will be $12mm++. BB is NOT rebuilding....he is "inserting". We have the CAP to take Ertz ...AND ... give the Eagles a pick now as they are rebuilding with a new coach.

But I am greedy.. I want more. I loved the Pats in a two TE set with Gronk and AH (before Ossee) . Gerald Everett is a FA. I am dipping my toes in the pool for two TEs...proven. Sorry no "definite maybe" Draft picks with development years Been there...done that.

Ertz is a winner. Both he and Everett are SB TE's. BB needs to protect his flank against the "See-it's-all-Tom" people. Inserting is what he will do in my opinion: Threaten me after seeing what my suggestions might be:

Makes sense to go after Stafford. We can offer a better package than the Colts. The Colts have more CAP but this is about Lions compensation. Is Stafford worth a pick #15? What the hell...we suck at first rounder Draft picks anyway.

My offer would be give up the #15 for Stafford along with LB Hightower (back from covid). CAP reasons too, Couisns. The Lions and Pats swap 2nd Round picks #41 to Pats and #46 to Lions.

Trade our 4th Rounder to the Eagles for Ertz (they have no 4th and this is what we got for Gronk in value). They are in CAP hell. We should have bwo other 4th round Comp picks anyway.

Get Brandin Cooks back from the Texans. He knows Josh's system (huge benefit) and he is only 27. Seemed like he liked it here. Texans are in CAP hell too. They have no real RB. How about Sony Michele and a pick (another4 th?). J.J. Taylor played

One more WR in FA, perhaps Jones or Golladay to give Stafford some familiarity. Rishard Higgins or Josh Reynolds might work too. No where near Allen Robinson $.

QB Stafford ($20MM)
TE Ertz ($12MM)
TE Everett ($8MM)
WR Cooks ($12MM)
FA WR ($4MM)

LB Milano ($9MM)
LB/EDGE Ingram ($10mm) sleeper pick
Resign Guy and Butler

TRADE: Gilmore 2nd rounder and added CAP space He's 30

Our DBs and O Line seems to be decent.

OK Pick this apart.
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