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Taking Christian Barmore was a gamble.

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Our defense appears to be morphing as bb finds versatile players to fit the new scheme. I do not think we have seen the final product yet, but he has to be closer than last season.


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Not sure what the context of the argument/post is in regards to....but we play 4-3 in Jumbo packages at least, no?
Goal line, you put all your beef on the field. The base defense is a 3/4 but they rarely run a base 3/4, they usually run a 3/4 over on first downs. I think the poster's point is that nickel defenses are the new base defense because passing is so prevalent.

NT's have become one down players and really minimized in importance on active rosters. The Pats used to carry four (Seymour, Warren, Traylor, Wilfork) guys who could theoretically play NT, now they might carry one (Shelton) with one on the PS possibly. They'd rather have tweeners like Guy or one dimensional pass rushers like Adam Butler or Wise, BB thinks he can get run stops with good tackling and fundamentals.


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Just because our base is 5 defensive backs, does not mean that we never play with four.
I think it was Andy that posted it but the patriots ran 5 or more defensive backs over 90% of the snaps last year. It may not be never but it is rare and Nickle is the new base so calling it a front 6 instead of 7 is more accurate.


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For those curious, this article does a quick breakdown of the formations used last season as well as project this year’s defensive starters. Has it projected as two linemen (Godchaux and Guy) two stand-up edge guys (Van Noy and Judon), two linebackers (Hightower and Phillips/Uche), two perimeter corners (Gilmore and Jackson), two safeties (McCourty and Dugger) and a fifth defensive back for the slot (Jones/Mills). Even if he doesn’t start right away I expect Barmore to figure heavily into the defensive line rotation.

From the article:

2020 Trends: Personnel/Formations usage​

(Big or Traditional) Nickel 2-4-5 — 35%

3-4 — 19.5%

Big Dime (2-3-6 or 1-4-6) — 15.6%

Quarter — 14.4%

(Big or Traditional) Nickel 3-3-5 — 8.1%

Traditional 4-3 — 4 snaps (listed for context)

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"Walsh says Barmore might be an even better prospect than Raekwon Davis, another Alabama defensive tackle who was a second-round pick of the Miami Dophins last year and made his way onto the PFWA All-Rookie team."

Might be? Might be?!?

He bloody damn well better be.


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"Walsh says Barmore might be an even better prospect than Raekwon Davis, another Alabama defensive tackle who was a second-round pick of the Miami Dophins last year and made his way onto the PFWA All-Rookie team."

Might be? Might be?!?

He bloody damn well better be.
It is a tough comparison. Davis was considered a run stopper mainly Not pass rusher by Most. It is the other way around with Barmore.


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Has a player that Sagan recommended EVER worked out for the Pats? The guy’s positive opinion is kryptonite.


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It's funny how much negativity people have thrown out about Barmore based on a couple articles. It's funny that no one mentioned POSITIVE articles.

"The hulking defensive tackle was naturally athletic, eager to learn, driven for success and energetic enough in practice that he’d run around with the skill players or jump on the field to catch punts. Frequently working one-on-one with Holmes, Barmore would hit the blocking sled hundreds of times per day to fine-tune his techniques."

“That locker room culture helps develop a guy like Christian who comes in a little rough around the edges, maybe not as disciplined, not always doing things as right as they need to be,” Locksley said. “The locker room fixes a lot of those issues at a place like Alabama. It obviously paid off big dividends for him with the success he’s had.”

"“I can remember him being on the scout team that year for us and just being a pain in the ass,” Locksley said. “I can tell you he was a pain in the butt. Every week, he was the scout team player of the week. He won it quite a bit. He had a motor. He gave a great look. He always went hard. There was no half speed on him, and it kind of pissed off some of the veteran (offensive) linemen because they were used to going against the scout team to work on their technique and fundamentals, but he’d make them look bad if they didn’t go full speed. He did a great job of getting that 2018 group ready for games because of how he practiced.”"

“He always played with that edge of aggression that you want to play with up front to control the line of scrimmage,” Locksley said. “To see his ability as an interior pass rusher, the tackles for loss and the sacks, I wasn’t surprised with the way he practiced on the scout team. It was good to see his development and how fast he came along.”

So, while Barmore was immature early on, the Alabama locker-room culture got him straightened out to the point he was a leader for them.
Also, people have knocked Barmore's "run stopping ability". Yet the kid put up 6 TFLs in 2019 and another 9.5TFL in 2020.

Barmore turns 22 the day that TC starts. He's raw in that he's only got 4 years of Football behind him.1 of HS, 1 Red Shirt, and 2 playing. That being said, it's clear that he's extremely coachable AND he WANTS to succeed. The article that the OP mentioned seems more like a pre-draft hit piece to cause Barmore's stock to go down so a team could get a steal of a player.

I don't think that Barmore is a gamble any more than any other draft pick not named Barkley, Manning, or McCaffery.
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