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Surprise Preseason Personnel Move ... Who's Yours?

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Oct 9th
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I honestly don’t see any surprises taking place. The team isn’t loaded with a ton of talent/depth like years past. Most on the team are expendable. I’d be more surprised by a big addition.


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I was thinking about this given their cap situation and I'm not quite sure what they'll do. I thought potentially Isaiah Wynn might be the guy they might move, but I agree with everyone where I just don't think they have the depth for that. I also wonder if, knowing how Myers' camp must be thinking dollar-wise on a future extension, if they could make a surprise move by dealing him and taking a chance on Tre Nixon being the one who steps in since Bourne was so good last season. But I think we might see something odd happen and I'm curious to hear what other people might be thinking.

Cutting Godchaux saves $5m.


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Was wondering if there's anyone on the current roster that he's stomped on, crotch grabbed, or bitten. Might make for a touch integration.
I agree…I think those players might be gone though. My fav Patriots player will always be Rodney…so I’m good with that kinda stuff on the field. Outside the game I guess he’s a good dude.


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I don't see an OT being moved. Worst thing we could do to Jones is to put a turnstile in front of him and make him run for his life every week. We're taking a big enough risk with Herron as the backup tackle. I don't like Wynn any more than the rest on here, but he's a bargain at $10, and will be eminently replaceable by a 1st round OT in 2023.

The cap savings cutting Agholor and Godchaux is minimal, but I don't care to see either on the team, so whatever, cut 'em both and let the kids fight it out for all I care.

I keep thinking that Mills might be the odd man out in the secondary. There's enough depth and versatility in the safety room that Mills' versatility becomes something of a redundancy. Jonathan Jones like Wynn is a bargain at his salary, and the team is significantly worse the moment they let him go. If Jack Jones emerges as a starter (which I think he will) and Butler plays at his 2020 level (ditto) then Mills becomes expendable.

I understand the cap savings would be minimal, but so is the dead cap hit beyond 2022. If there is no role for him on the team, there's no point keeping him around.


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One will be traded.
Definitely an possibility, but not the only one. Year after year the Pats lose receivers to other issues as well - injury/IR for example. Camp has a way of shaping the team across a multitude of ways - trade, release, IR, retirement even (though a much lower possibility), etc, but inevitably they tend to go into camp and preseason 1-2 personnel over need per position group for just this reason - it's flexibility and resiliency to maneuver through many obstacles.


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Could Harris get traded with his contract coming up?
Wouldn't this more depend on a terrible start scenario?

Final years (see our departed young CB Mr Jackson from last season) tend to be terrific motivators for production. Dispensing that for the crap shoot of the draft (especially for the masses that despise how the Patriots execute said team building aspect) doesn't seem a particularly Patriot approach unless they go like 0-5 to start the year???