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Surprise cut thread

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Oct 2nd
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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Maybe I’m crazy, but there is no chance in hell Jonathan jones gets cut or traded
I doubt he does as well but my thinking is if they think one of the rookies can play in the slot and they don't think Jonathan Jones can play on the outside they try and save some money.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
The cap situation gets worse if they cut Agholor, vs. keep him and pay him?
Butler getting cut wouldn't be a surprise. His comeback is at best 50/50.

Positionally, the safeties seem to have the most "good but not great" guys with a couple of "young and promising" pressuring them for spots.

Somebody mentioned Guy which seems like a legit surprise.
Guy is the name that has been bouncing around my head since looking at the cap numbers and operating under the assumption that they don't trade Wynn because of the unsettledness of the OL. They need another $5-10M in cap money to get through the year. Guy provides $2.75M in relief (based on OTC - maybe that gets offset by the next player on the list, who will be making $850K-900K). That would mean that Guy is not the only veteran cut. Other vets that jump out financially while not exactly lighting-up the preseason are Bourne ($3.75M) and Mack Wilson ($2.5M with no lost guaranteed money). Those three would leave the Pats in good financial straights and would allow them to go younger and cheaper.

I'm no fan of cutting Guy or Bourne, but Bourne may have written his own ticket out of town (hopefully as a trade, however), and there are some good young players along the DL in Ray and Roberts that might be hard to let go from a value perspective.