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Super Wild Card Weekend Discussion - Other Games

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JJ Watt will need to play the best game of his life if the Steelers are going to be competitive. Hard to root for The Rapist but will need to for one last time.

With all the defensive issues the Bucs have right now I think the Iggles-Brady rematch will be closer than most people think. At least for the first half and maybe longer. Seems like the Bucs have been starting slow.

Raiders have shown some guts this season. Coach was canned. Player was arrested for murder. They could have just thrown in the towel and nobody would have blamed them. I think they give the Bengals a game. Raiders D-line should be in Burrows face all day long.

Not sure how good the Niners secondary is. The Cowboys offense at full strength will be a tough matchup.

I think the Cardinals are DUN-DONE. Headed into the playoffs in the wrong direction. 1-4 in their last 5-games.


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Cards @Rams, 49ers @Cowboys and Pats @Bills are the games up for grabs, where either team could easily win.
(I'm really pulling for 49ers to embarrass the Cowgirls and keep them in purgatory)
Bengals, Bucs, Chiefs are certain home winners.


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A year later and "Super" Wildcard Weekend sounds just as stupid as it did last year.
But what if it were hosted...

60vk1j.gif Super Dave Osborn!!!!! ;)


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Eagles seem like the worst team in the dance by... a lot.

Would be cool to see the 49ers upset, but they won't.

Ben has nothing left.

We're throwing it more than 3 times, hopefully same result as the last road game there.

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Early takes

Bengals/Raiders could go either way depending which Raider offense shows up

Patriots/Bills we got our hands full. But I trust BB to scheme up something

Bucs/,Eagles should be a bucs win

49ers,/Cowboys is game of the weekend

Chiefs got a bye week
Cardinals Rams also is a top game imho


Of course as a Pats fan I'm glad Indy lost yesterday, but if I was an unbiased NFL fan I would have wanted Indy and San Diego to win yesterday.

After all, then you'd have matchups of......

NE @ BUF (no change)

where the last two games are far more appealling than what we go with LV at CIN and PIT at KC (how did this get the Sunday night slot? so we can all go to bed early?)

Next weekend I want all home teams to win EXCEPT the Pats of course

My rationale? Whlie it's fun to root for the underdog while it's happening I want to setup a great divisional round weekend. Imagine on the NFC if we end up having......

Rams at Packers
Cowboys at Buccaneers

Those would be some awesome games
Yeah outside of the Pats-Bills game everything else seems lackluster
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