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Very sad news: RIP Joker
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Who will win?

  • Queefs

    Votes: 25 25.8%
  • Niners

    Votes: 38 39.2%
  • Ray Lewis killed a guy

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Hate to see what happened with Greenlaw but you're expending all your energy jumping up and down like crazy.

I mean, the Chiefs may win this in the 4th qtr if they're close because the 9ers are acting like they've never been in the Super Bowl before.
A lot of these players have never been to the SB so there are bound to be nerves and bone headed plays. By comparison the Chiefs have many more players who have been there and won it
49rrs need to score a TD on this drive before the half. Enough of this!,
The Chiefs offense looks distraught and out of sorts. The 49ers offense, despite moving the ball is failing to make them pay.

49ers could’ve opened this up a good amount.
Lack of offensive line.

KC has been trying for several years to shore up that offensive line and they keep coming up short.
Kelce all up in Reeds face. You gotta love it. I've seen Brady in Macs face but never in Bels. KC is losing composer.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was being said here LMAO
If Reed had a set ued bench Kelce.

That was as crazy a thing you'll see in a game.
Samuel coming up small today
Deebo, get your head into the game.....come on
This game is starting to remind me of SB 36. The 9ers are man handling them.
Lack of offensive line.

KC has been trying for several years to shore up that offensive line and they keep coming up short.

Looks a lot like the SB against the Bucs, except Purdy ain't Brady. Hopefully they can capitalize off of the great defense.
Deebo is hot garbage.

Where the **** is CMAC up the middle? What are we doing here?
That’s just awful for Greenlaw, snapped his Achilles running onto the field in the Superbowl
well he makes one bad play and then makes up for it on the next......all pro guy
Good job by Samuel to hold on there.
Finally Purdy makes a quick read. For a QB that's getting an incredible amount of time, he refuses to take what they're giving him. Stop looking for the home run ball. You have KC's defense on the ropes. Keep hitting them in the ribs.
Chiefs are daring the 49ers to beat them by the Air
3 straight 10 yard plays.

great to [RIP] their hearts out drip by drip.
Can't believe McCaffrey is OK - got twisted like a pretzel there.
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