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So, sup with Hightower?

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Dec 12th
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Not really an odd reason..he's too valuable in multiples areas to exclusively devote him to one role. He impacted the game in many ways...a majority of which gets no glory. He is an absolute war daddy. He could also in spots cover at his size and physicality. Most importantly he understood what Belichick wanted out of the core/rock of his defense. He had the brain to be the green dot while being the most physical/unique athletes on the field.
Yes. You can find more guys and ways to rush the passer. Not many guys can do what he can do from inside though. Just not many guys that physically gifted. He's one of my top LB ever. Top ten in my book bc of what he could do.

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Just a thought on market dynamics.

Apart from the rookie 1st rounder money, HT got a second contract worth of 4y/40 Mi if i'm not mistaken.

Looking at the money spent on huge impact players not only now but at his time too, he certainly deserved a lot more, but he got a bad market on his contract year, had talks with the Jets and Steelers only and then came back to the Pats.

Even though this is a super inflated market sometimes it has correlation with how a normal market works, I find that interesting.