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Dec 12th
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Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
I talked about AR15 in my QB thread (I've been working a lot, getting/trying to get laid, rest of threads will be out by the end of the week) and he showed why I think/said he's #1 overall material. Others will have twice as many yards and such but he's a freak. Idk who his comp is. Culpepper, Cam, Mcnair, combo of all of them. There were a few occasions where his base was too dominant in the process but he showed some decent mechanics and ability to scan the field at times. Looked very clean on a few pure drop backs. 6/8 on 3rd and 4th downs with 4 first downs. Couple more with his legs. He was like 6/7 on another clutch drive. Showed off some poise making some big throws.
Ended up with over 270 total yards and a few TD. If he ends up with similar #'s in Dec he'll be in that top 5-10 convo for sure. Big W for FL. I thought they would pull it out beforehand but that was a big W for the program and Billy. First time/game a new FL HC beat a ranked opponent at the Swamp. I like to see change in college ball even if it a big program getting a little luck.

Jack Campbell is someone I've had my eye on for a while now. Plays with great feel against the run, hard to dig out although he could be more physical with his hands. He does come correct when wrapping up and can stack/shed. Like @Kontradiction he's quick to hole and lives in once he's arrives. Different story in coverage but we've always done a great job hiding our LB's. We rarely ask them to cover m2m. It's filling lanes, taking up space/patrolling shallow zone. I brought this up last year when discussing our LB corp but Campbell fits what we've typically done but let's see where we go heading forward.

I alluded to a UG WR when talking about their freak TE's and that kid is Ladd McConkey.

Almost 100 total yards between rec/rush. Plus yac option that just gets open. Check out that plant at full speed. He's going to play slot next level. Only a RS SO. Played almost every position in HS. Basketball. Track & Field. His plants/cut and ability to accelerate and get up to top speed will make him some money. I bet he's a 4.5 guy but he can scoot with real quicks. He doesn't have a ton of film but he can utilize space against off, zone. Knows how to set himself up for success. Jacob Cowing is another guy who looked good for us. No shortage of talent at WR.

There's been a lot of talk about "Baby Gronk" over the last few years. I remember as far back as Dallas Goedert. There are a few guys that have some absolutely silly potential in Mayer, Washington and Gilbert. These guys are enormous with some ridiculous movements. Washington is an absolute house lol. He has to show he can be a legit rec target every game but man is he enormous. There's also a guy from BYU to keep an eye on - Isaac Rex. He could be a top 100 player. Another sleeper as of now is Zack Kuntiz from OD. He's a legit 6'7-6'8 / 250 with rec skills and some absolutely silly athleticism (sub 4.6, 40 vert and 10'8 jump)

Brant Kuithe is a guy I really hope converts to a FB or hybrid. He'll never play traditional TE at 6'2 220 but a few lbs would go a long way. He gets after it as a blocker most of the time and shows off some some good work there. Very good rec and rr.
The next great group of TE's is about to enter the league in 23/24 though. So many good prospects

Stetson Bennett was really good. UG OL was lost on some protections. He did a really good job moving subtly and really helped extend the plays for himself. He hit almost every target on offense. Looked very good and comfortable running that offense. Great performance but good solid work on the field as a real QB making decisions

I had Jared Verse pretty high in my tiers and will probably move him up slightly. He showed off the whole package against LSU. First step was dusting talented players. Strong hands that hit first inside, showed the ability to get off blocks. Rushed inside/outside. Reduced his surface gettong low causing leverage problems. Blocked a fg. He's been killing his own OL up until now. A few more performances like this and he's a first round guy. Lukas Van Ness is another guy high on my list I really like.

Hits first gets off like @Dingleberry looking at open toe shoes at the supermarket. Hits Inside, gets too low for his man.

I'll probably have my CB thread out next. Ringo will be CB1 even though I use tiers around this time. He'll be CB1 but there are a few guys very close that fit us and what we like to do. Joey Porter's kid, Joey Porter Jr, looks legit. His press technique, length, ball awareness and size were well on display. Size is the theme in this year's group. It seemingly always is as guys just keep getting bigger and stronger. It's almost strange or makes you do a double take when someone isn't 6 feet nowadays. Couple other guys that'll be high in my tiers - Cam Smith (he was last year as well), Tarheeb Still, Garrett Williams and DJ Graham.

Another guy I want to talk about with 1st RD talent but lacks maturity is Eli Ricks. Incredible balls skills and awareness but has had bumps at LSU and now Bama. Arrested not too long ago for nonsense. Had trouble picking up both playbooks. Saban likes him but he's had enough trouble learning that defense and probably won't be a master in Sabanese before he declares. That said his traits are special and if his head stays on right he could be a steal after RD1. At times he gives you JC Jackson, Diggs, Douglas vibes between his ball skills, awareness, timing and size.

Amazing how much talent UG lost but didnt miss a beat. I thought you could see it in the LB corp a little. DL has to play better but the secondary was legit and they lost a lot of talent recently. Malaki Starks looks like stud. Unbelievable size, length and ball skills. Everyone raves about Smith's leadership abilities. Just unbelievable the level of athlete year after year. Back in the day you would get a few freaks every couple years. There's a surplus now. The size and speed are silly.

Again rest of tiers will be out by the end of the week.


Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
Jared Verse... Gonna have to remember that name...

Was that Phil McConkey taking that video, I wonder...
Verse was pretty high on my tiers coming in and didn't disappoint. He's been on fire all spring/summer. Looks like a typical Raven, Steeler, Charger, Chief.


Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
Gervon Dexter was one of the best players on any team last week. He's a monster and looks like a top 50 pick. He's made some huge strides with his body, game and attitude even though he never really had a problem. Just really coming into his own. His work ethic is pretty good he's known for watching tape and working hard no matter what space he's in. Brenton Cox had a day on the edge as well as a few others. Him and Dex were in on a bunch of plays together.

AR15 was bottled up bc Kentucky has some incredible talent on defense. That LB and Jordan Wright were outstanding defending the second level but Kentucky has a kid by the name of Deone Walker who's going to be outstanding and with some luck the next Jordan Davis. Supposedly he runs a sub 5.0 and his play ba backs it up. Tremendous athleticism for his size.

Jordan Addison has been electric on the field no matter which team. He was one of the better WR's on the field last week along with Tillman and Harrison Jr. All those guys will be playing on Sundays.

Usually you watch Bama vs anyone and there's a gap save UG. Texas is extremely talented and Ewers looks legit. Lots of talented young QB's coming in 23-24. Including Will Levis who continues to impress physically and with his poise and ability to run that offense. He reminds me of a cross between Davis Mills and Tannehill. PA, low ceiling, tough as hell, good size, loves the game. Michael Penix has been a favorite of mine so glad he's healthy and at a good spot. Not sure what teams will do with him or feel but the kid can obviously play.

Washington has to be considered for CBU and Chau Smith-Wade is just another in a long line including his teammate who is a next level CB. Love all their energy, physicality and technique. Some of the most well coached kids in the country at CB. They're all so good in certain situations. Vertically, using the sidelines, footwork to combat in-breaking stuff. Just love that position on that team.

O’Cyrus Torrence is another Gator that deserves mention. Unbelievable size and athleticism. He's a favorite there and draft geeks.

Gilmore's little brother has been very good so far. He's been great in coverage.