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Selling Ticket versus Jets September 22

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:

I bought two tickets to the home game on September 22 but unfortunately I don't think I can get to the game as I need to return to Australia on that day.

Tickets are in Section 329 and I'm happy to sell them for what I paid for them which is $330 USD each.

If anyone wants to purchase these please contact me directly as I'm desperate not to lose a lot of money



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It may be a good idea to bump this thread every 5-7 days or so from now until gameday, as it will likely fall off of the front page in a couple of days. By making a comment every now and then, it will stay relevant and more people will see it.

You may have to prepare yourself for the possibility of having people wait a few weeks before they make their move (likely the week of the game). It can’t hurt to list them on some secondary sites like StubHub, too.
Thanks mate! It is very much appreciated. I'll try all of the above as really need to get rid of them as there's close to 0% chance I'll make it to the game

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Be careful that’s a lot more than the price on the ticket, and the patriots do not allow that.