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Robert Kraft is rooting for Tom Brady in the super bowl

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Heh. I’m ashamed to admit that I got a rub and tug when I was in Thailand in my early 20’s. I actually didn’t mind the gloves since they lube it up anyway. My mediocre-at-best Irish meat also looked bigger in her little hands, which pleased me as well. All in all, 10/10 massage experience. Would recommend.
You don't sound ashamed at all and you shouldn't be. I'd lose a little respect for you if you were

PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter
Bobby Kraft is ALWAYS supportive of Brady when Bob's got no skin in the game and the bullets aren't flying.
The ultimate fair weather friend. The opposite of the true friend who responds to your 2AM call for help quietly & privately.
Since the "Good of the 32" is not at issue here, Bobby is all in on Brady's 7th ring.