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Robbie Anderson to NE?

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Oct 9th
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Not much difference between either of them....splitting hairs in my opinion. I'd much rather Ridley over Anderson.
Ridley's a head case. Agholor is steady.

In preseason last year, Agholor looked like a man among boys. I wasn't a fan of the guy until watching him 2 years ago. WRs can't catch what ain't thrown to them.

he's as solid a #2WR (on #2WR money) as you'll get, I think.

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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I think we are going to see a shift where belichick devotes more resources to the WR position.
With Brady it made no sense to spend heavily on the position when Brady would elevate lesser players, so spend the resources on players not elevated by system, scheme and teammates.
In 2020 since catching passes that bounce doesn’t count, it made no sense either.
Last year he signed a couple with an unknown QB situation.
Now, good WRs will help will help elevate the QB who showed he can be a very good one.
At this juncture WRs are expensive and the cheaper ones have major question marks.
This seems to be a point where Belichick value system
results in WRs being more important than they used to be.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Anderson isn’t the worst receiver. If he is just a swap for Agholor, I am not against if he is willing to redo his deal. I think he is an upgrade Over Agholor. The best QB he has ever had throwing to him is Teddy Bridgewater and he still had over 1,000 yards with him throwing to him. But he is just a small upgrade to Agholor and not the answer to the Pats’ receiver needs.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Straight up (if there's no $ difference), I'll take Agholor over Anderson.

Nah! Anderson has been the better receiver with worse QBs throwing to him. If all things being equal, I would swap Agholor for Anderson in a heartbeat. But again, that is just upgrading their #2 WR and not getting a #1 or a slot or just more targets.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
I swear the same folks who said Cam was killing our offense are now saying "look what Robbie did last thanks" ..Sam Darnold, Phillip Walker and Cam Newton were his qbs.

He had Teddy Bridgewater in 2020 for most of the year, but Bridgewater isn’t better than average and Anderson had over 1,000 yards that season.


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Robbie Anderson for a draft pick and you're cutting Agholor?? Complete waste of time. In fact he's probably worse than Agholor.

Calvin Ridley by the way is not reliable. We don't want a player who may checkout on the season at any time.

The Patriots need to be aiming MUCH higher than this. They're a million miles away from competing with Buffalo (unplayable conditions aside). Our offense needs an indisputable #1 receiver so either sign Adams (probably not available), Godwin or Robinson OR trade for another bigtime wideout. Otherwise you're fighting for second place, a possible WC spot, and a quick exit from the playoffs.


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We saw that Josh schemed Agholor open deep on several occasions but was never thrown the ball. He knows Carr can and will throw deep balls to him. Maybe he can get traded to Raiders. Don't expect much for the Pats out of it though, given Zeigler & Josh are sitting on other side of the table.

Agholor was good the one year with Carr. Josh might have requested Agholor to BB. It is only 1 year remaining on his contract so not a move Josh is stuck with long term. Better in 2022 than any 3rd round receiver the Raiders can draft. Lots of reasons it makes since for Josh.


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Since Robo is on the Anderson bandwagon, it's a guarantee it won't happen.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Since Robo is on the Anderson bandwagon, it's a guarantee it won't happen.

Thanks buddy! This is why we are besties. You know me so well. Your thought provoking posts only enhance our bromance. Your obsession with me is truly the greatest love of all. Love to bro! Smooches!

To be serious for a second, do you think your little weird obsession with me is getting to me? You do realize you look a little pathetic and desperate with all these posts trying to bait me? If you want to keep posting these posts, it is fine with me. I will just keep mocking them. But I don't think you are getting the reaction out of me and others on this board that you think you are.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
BTW for the record, I am not on the Robby Anderson bandwagon. I think he is better than Agholor and wouldn't be upset if the Pats replaced Agholor with Anderson, but this isn't the move I want the Pats to make.


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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Anderson is a piece of human garbage and if he became a Patriot, that would end my fandom.

I know he had a couple of arrests, but I thought they were of the minor variety. I am aware of what he did that was really that bad.

But we have had guys like Corey Dillon, Antonio Brown, Patrick Chung, Aaron Hernandez, Dave Meggett, Reche Caldwell, etc. on the Pats over the years. Granted some of them weren't arrested for crimes until after they left the Pats and/or were immediately cut, but they were human garbage while they were here and we just didn't know it. Anderson would be the breaking point for you?