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Robbie Anderson to NE?

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Oct 9th
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According to Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal, the Panthers and Patriots have discussed a deal centering around the six-year receiver. Bedard also adds that New England will look to move on from Nelson Agholor, who they signed to a two-year, $22 million deal last spring, if a trade can be completed.

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He had 95 catches for 1096 yards at a 70% catch rate a couple of years ago. Thats with Sam Darnold and playing beside dj moore.

I know he doesn’t inspire the blockbuster we’ve been looking for but he’s physical and has shown the ability to go deep. I don’t think this would be a bad thing at all. Especially if Mac can develop some chemistry.

Still want them to draft one in this draft but this is an upgrade imo for a deep threat.

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Not sure why anyone here thinks there will be a "blockbuster" trade for a big name WR. Unlikely. They are cash strapped and they may opt to let Agholor play out his second year, while taking some shots in the draft.


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Love the possible move on from Agholor part he's such a mistake its not even funny. Don't get the love for him on this board he's an inferior WR.
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The only news there from Bedard is that they want to move on from Agholor - that is, if he actually heard something and isn't just shooting from the hip.

Pats will and should inquire about dozens of possible trades, if for no other reason than to gauge the market at the position(s). This is what every team should do, right?

As for Agholor, I believe they would be happy to find a trading partner. I still think Agholor's best move would be to go back with Derek Carr - those two had real chemistry. Let's see if Josh wants him.


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I’d be happy with it, but not if they give up a 1-4 pick in this years draft for it. I’d also hope they could get him to redo his awful deal.

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The draft picks involved going to the Panthers for Anderson and coming from the Raiders for Agholor along with whether the Pats could restructure or extend Anderson’s contract to gain cap space will decide if this is move worth doing or not for me.

Agholor missed one game last season. In that game, Kristian Wilkerson caught 2 TD passes and had a third bounce off his hands. My opinion is Agholor would not have done better if he had played in the game.


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We saw that Josh schemed Agholor open deep on several occasions but was never thrown the ball. He knows Carr can and will throw deep balls to him. Maybe he can get traded to Raiders. Don't expect much for the Pats out of it though, given Zeigler & Josh are sitting on other side of the table.