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RIP Robert "Bob" Perryman


Member of the Seattle 7 & Roadie for Metallica Supporter

Back in the day, Bob Perryman was a member at Cederdale Athletic Club in Haverhill, MA. My folks were also members.

Played a few pick-up hoops games with/against him. Great athlete. Good outside shot. Always optimistic about the team (he had no reason to be but whatever). Most importantly was a good guy.

In 2021 he was one of the alumni at the Cowboys game.


Joker Supporter Supporter
ask not for whom the bell tolls...RIP Mr. Perryman


A lion isn't concerned with the opinion of sheep Supporter
The older I get, the younger these guys get. Godspeed Robert.


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damn. his era was when I really started understanding the game....the Sammy Martin, Perryman, Fryar, Flutie, etc....loved those teams. listened to the radio for most home games bc they weren't on tv...

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