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RIP Michael K Williams (Omar - The Wire)

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Dec 6th

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This isn't cool at all. He was a great actor that brought characters to life. Most notably from the wire but he was excellent Boardwalk Empire. He was fantastic in the Wire. That show was filled with dynamite actors but he always stood out. Omar vs Brother. Omar vs the Barksdale crew. Omar vs Marlo's crew jumping out a 4 story apartment building lol. He was really good in the red sea diving resort. Man this sux for the culture. Good dude, regular dude with real problems.


#1 Mac Jones fan Supporter
I guess there was some **** laced with Fentanyl around that area over the weekend. Either way it's a shame but Fentanyl is a game-changer and straight up from hell. It's amazing how loosely they gave all that **** out.

Certainly not advocating drug abuse but test or make sure your stuff is proper and correct.

Such a shame. Life is so fragile and short.