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RIP Eddie Van Halen

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Grew up on VH. Eddie is the greatest of all time. Period. Take your Hendrix, take your Clapton. I have Eddie VH. Fair Warning is one of the greatest albums of all time - you youngsters need to listen to it..

Unchained is the most incredible, powerful, heavy rock N roll guitar intro of the 80s


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Eddie's now jamming with guys like Vaughan, Chuck Berry,B.B King, Jimmy Page, and Hendrix.. To be able to hear them riffing with one another..

Edit:I forgot that Page is a Zombie like Keith Richards..
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2020 can feck right off.

Neil Peart in January
My aunt in Feb
Then Covid
Tom announces he is leaving Pats on the day before they close everything down in MA (close bars on Saint Patrick's Day?)
My uncle in July
Now my hero

Any word on that giant asteroid that was supposed to come dangerously close to Earth around Election Day?


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Back in Lot A at the old stadium we had a big tailgate crew and had a big sound system. We'd play pop rock to start the day or morning (our crew was all hard rock guys, but ya gotta feel out your neighbors). I am VH through and through, favorite of all time...I was DJ...and after a few I'd get up the nerve, turn it up to 11, and play something off Women and Children or Fair Warning...I can say Lot A wayls DEFINITELY a VH Crowd...

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Everybody wants some
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****, RIP EVH 5150. inspiration to me. first week of college, i played eruption for a bunch of people and that broke the ice for my "new friends". 20+ year later here we are...RIP


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Throat cancer....Oof.

Not shocking, the man smoked multiple packs of cigarettes a day.

Rest in Power Chords, Eddie.