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Rip David Patten

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Oct 2nd
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On the doorstep of the 20th anniversary of the 01 team to boot. I'm not a fan of a lot Bob has done the last 7 years in particular but I know they'll honor him opening night, wear 86 on the jerseys this year and in particular when they honor the 01 team. I'm so bummed out.

Peace to him and his family. Taken way too young.


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I feel sick. One of the most unheralded Patriots of that early Dynasty. I have that signed photo of his TD catch hanging on the wall in my basement office. Such a sad day.


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Just FYI, guys, media outlets haven’t confirmed that Mr. Moore is actually Patten’s cousin yet.


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Very saddened to see this news, he sort of epitomized that season, an under the radar signing who made play after play towards the first championship but never seemed to lose his humility. RIP

Can someone please get OJ Simpleton on a motorcycle

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Wow. Got to work and saw this. For anyone too young to follow the first dynasty, the stats dont do him justice. True lunch pail wr that did everything you asked him to do.
Besides the 2 almost identical tds in the greatest playoff run ever, look up Colts game in 2001. 60 yard td pass, 29 yard td run, 91 yd td pass and added another as well. One of the greatest games in a NFL uniform by any player ever. And top it all off he was a great guy and teammate by all accounts.

Rip, the accomplishments of what you did won’t be forgotten.
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