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Remembering the Butt Fumble game

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Dec 6th

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n6249c Supporter Supporter
Saw this nice story about Steve Gregory reminiscing about scoring with the Butt Fumble, and it is worth remembering that game for this whole sequence of plays not just the Butt Fumble. I’d forgotten just how Jetes that whole thing was. What a sequence:

Jets fumble, recovered by Patriots
83 yd Patriots TD
11 yd Jets pass
Butt Fumble, Pats TD
Jets fumble kickoff, Patriots scoop and score.


Being the 'Butt Fumble guy': Lions assistant coach relishes his place in NFL Thanksgiving history


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The Patriots are not just the only team in NFL history to score three touchdowns in less than a minute - they have done it twice.

Remarkably the Pats were able to score three TD that quickly despite the Bears taking time to run four plays (three and out).



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This makes me a bad, bad person but I took special amusement watching the Bear DL injure himself after the sack

i was just about to post that. Especially doing it while down by 25.

Also cant stop laughing at how slow the jets safety is on the vereen td, looks like me out there