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Ravens take Championship Photo after beating NE

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Sep 26th

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That's the most cringe thing I've seen all day.

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Do we have any playmakers on offense who can make them eat this in the rematch?

Would love to get revenge, but don’t feel confident right now. We stink in the red zone


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Wonder if they would have the guts to post a picture like that with a different caption if they loose to the Pats in the playoff? Okay that is a rhetorical question as we all know what the answer would be. Wonder how much backlash the Pats would get if they did something like that mid season ?


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On the one hand, I'm glad our team doesn't do these kind of things, then again we've accomplished so much in the last 20 years it's kind of beneath us. On the other hand I'm kind of flattered as a fan of a team that other teams look up to Pats so much, they stage this kind of celebration when they beat us. I have no love for the Ravans, but they do have a good team this year, and they were the first team to beat the SB champs this year. The best part about when teams do this is if we meet in the playoffs, and we beat their ass, our guys will treat it as just another victory, in a long line of victories.


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Hm....seems a bit excessive for a week 9 win doesn't it? Maybe they will suffer the same fate as every other opponent who beat the Pats in 2018.

We see it so often, teams blowing their load on beating us. Hell the Jaguars are still in a tailspin after their franchise defining week 2 win against us last year.

Maybe this will be the time where a team invests this much into beating us and are able to do it again when it really counts but I'm making good money betting on the patriots year in and year out and I think I'll just keep on doing that.


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Didn’t the Jaguars do this last year too after beating us? That didn’t age very well.


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If the Pats and Ravens play again, this in itself has absolutely nothing to do with the game (motivation, revenge stuff is blown way out of proportion.). However, it truly does make me question the overall “we’re not ready to really contend” factor with this team. They look like a bunch of clowns out there celebrating a regular season win, like they just all climbed Everest. They have a long, long way to go to the top. I’m still not sold at all this team makes it past wild card weekend. They were just as “unstoppable” on offense last year before playing a real football game, at which point their gimmicky offense made them look like an 8th grade team.


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Ray Lewis killed a guy...

And they erected a statue of him.

Then NBC put his face on Mt Rushmore.


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Makes sense. Beating the Patriots is the most monumental accomplishment in all of sports, and it calls for celebration.

The Patriots trophy > the Lombardi trophy

Good on the Ravens for living it up as they should.


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Is that Rob Ryan? And why is he perving out someone feet?

Keepin' it in the fam.

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still can't believe Edelman fumbled...and Nick Folk was #1 Mr. Reliable? Huh? This is a young Ravens team...I can't really get a good froth going about their antics...but...that scumbag Harbawl is still the HC...I pray he runs his arrogant mouth as he's done many times in the past. Perhaps he won't until the playoffs...but HE is the POS I can't wait to get another shot at.
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