Quasi-Official: When will Goodell take action thread --

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Nov 29th

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Just offering a thread here to post when you think RG will enact his penalty on the Patriots for the guilty verdict.

Also for kicks, throw in your thoughts about how this will affect this Sundays game, and the future season for that matter.


My own personal thoughts:

I believe RG owes it to the Patriots and the rest of the NFL to impose a penalty before Thursday evening / Friday morning at the absolute latest. We have potentially one of the biggest games of the season coming up and the last thing we need is unfocused players and controversy surrounding the team.

My thoughts on the penaly: Draft picks. I say a 3rd and a 5th/or 6th. That sounds reasonable based on past penalties. Anything more will be very, very dangerous as that much of the NFL's "dirty laundry" may be exposed at any given point, and with all due respect, all hell may just break loose.

Anywho, I firmly believe the Pats walk in with a chip on the shoulder and destroy the Chargers in the home opener by over 2 TD's.

Thoughts / Opinions / Flaming welcome.
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