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Predict the players season stats

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


In the Starting Line-Up
Mac Jones will have 5k yards passing 46 td and eleven picks. Rookie year facing Brady in the super bowl is a certainty


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Gilmore will be traded during the season :(
It’s certainly looking that way. There’s speculation he’s milking the injury in hopes a new deal is done. They’re also saying if the Pats struggle, trade talks will heat up.

And as I’ve also said during the off-season, BB is not paying Gilmore because he wants to use that money on Jackson instead. If Jackson does well this time in Gilmore’s absence, BB throws money at him.


In the Starting Line-Up
Harry: 1 catch for minus 5 yards and a fumble
Funny thing is, when I read this, I could see exactly how the play goes down....

Returned for a TD while Harry is on the ground, reaching for the ball like a zombie digging itself out of its grave. Right?